Marnie and Dereks’ Store: A Tale of Success and Failure

by on January 15th, 2015
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The day is coming to a close and we ain’t had a single customer yet. It been three weeks since we started and I hope we get more. I guess mamma was right bout starting a store but I don’t like failing. Maybe we need to advertise on television but with no customers we can’t do diddly. I tell my husband we need to figure something so we don’t lose our store. And you know what he tells me, figure myself because he busy doing inventory. So as I set down and figure what to do, it hits me. Make flyers and hand ‘em out with the promise to get one thing free from us if they come and shop.

So now as I do it, my husband says I got a good idear and we can probably make some money now. Tomorrow I will start and by days end we will have our first customers. Now I been passing things out and people been coming out to our store so maybe we did it. Husband said we were so busy he had to ask my brother to come help us out.

Now we going three months since the idear and we been busy like nothing I knew before. I hope to high heaven too that we can stay like this for long. what with Christmas comin’ on us right quick I think things go good soon like they been. For now I got to go and help stock our supplies so we don’t fall behind.

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