Making a Tree Branch Jewelry Stand

by on October 8th, 2013
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Jewelry is a pleasure to accumulate, but it can often be a pain to store. Necklaces tangle while small items like rings and earrings get lost. Instead of using haphazard storing methods such as containers, you can hang your jewelry neatly on a decorative tree branch jewelry stand that can be customized to your decorating scheme.

Purchase a tree branch at a craft store or use a broken bough found in your own yard. Evaluate its size to make sure it will adequately store your items. Use a saw to create a flat edge on the bottom of the branch. Sand the entire surface of the branch until smooth, but be careful not to break any small twigs as you sand.

Spray the entire branch with colored spray paint if you would like a bold look for your jewelry stand. Consider bright primaries or neon shades, or use silver or gold for a sleek appearance that will contrast with the natural shape of the branch. If you prefer natural tones, omit this step.

Coat the branch, either painted or natural, with clear acrylic. Make sure the paint has dried before proceeding with acrylic, and let the acrylic dry before moving forward.

Drill a hole through the center of a sturdy wooden block to be your base. Drive a long screw through the hole in the base and directly into the flat bottom of the branch to attach it.

Hang your jewelry on the stand. Try to disperse items for balance, and hang heavier pieces on the thicker branches of your stand.

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