In the Beginning

by on December 30th, 2014
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He watched her with equal parts astonishment and infatuation. Complete disregard for her seat belt she relaxed in her passenger seat with that amazing ability to be completely at ease in any environment, further endearing herself to the man that already adored her. she smiled her smile, a ballet of alloy and enamel that most could not appreciate, save for one. “Yeah” by Lil Jon & and usher played at a whisper in the background presenting her with the opportunity to turn the volume to its highest setting and sing and dance along in that way that people do when no one is watching.

The girl and the boy saw each other a handful of times after that singular moment, their affection mutual and hearts eager to share what each possessed, but their stories were not to be one in the same. Time passed and the boy and the girl went in different directions, then one day the two crossed paths once more. That girl who had once loved life more than anything had been changed by it, not entirely but in a way that was entirely perceptible. It was then that the boy realized that the girl he had once felt so much for, so completely and entirely, was a vessel for something he too loved long ago, much the same way she did, once upon a time.

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