I Applaud the Kansas City Police Department

by on February 23rd, 2011
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I literally went through yesterday and recorded all of the searches the police conducted in the baby Lisa Irwin case. They have searched 300 homes in 2 days at the beginning, a landfill twice, a well, dumpsters, woods, interviewed suspects, checked out leads locally and out of state, searched the Irwin home and more. What more can they do, without any help from the main players in this case?

What is really unbelievable is the fact the parents will not even look at a photo to see if they know the man who was picked out of a photo line up. The witness on the motorcycle picked out the man he saw walking with the baby. While it is true the other two witnesses said it was not the man they saw, the motorcyclist saw the man close up. The bottom line is in order for the picture to have been in the line up, the man has to have some connection with that family. How else would they know to include that photo? Deborah Bradley nor Jeremy Irwin will go to police headquarters to see if they know this man. They will not answer questions about who was in and out of the house that day and night, They will not answer anything. My problem with blaming the police is, if you cannot get the parents of a missing 11 month old baby to talk to you, where are you going to look? If you do not get leads, what are you going to do?

The New York based grandstanding attorney, Joe Tacopina, has said the parents are cooperating. Mr. Tacopina, here on this planet, what we call cooperating is going to the police station and answering questions. They police have not been able to talk to either parent, unrestricted, since October 8. This is an 11 month old baby, not a dog or cat. The parents, if they are innocent, should be running down there to see if they know the man in that photo. This man could be the one who holds the key to finding their baby. If they have nothing to hide, why are they not at least willing to look at the photo? If their child has been kidnapped, why are they not trying everything in the world to get themselves cleared, so the police can go in a different direction. I am not in law enforcement, but as a rational human being, the parents look guilty as guilty can get. That is a little baby, one they brought into this world, they watched her crawl the first time, they saw her begin to try to walk, how can they not do anything in their power to help police?

There are too many red flags being thrown up by Tacopina. He says they are doing everything that has been asked, but will not set up appointments for the parents to answer questions. He makes it seem like they are jumping out of their skins to help, yet they take time off to rest. My question is, time off from what, they are not meeting with police, they are not speaking to the press, what do they need time off for? THERE IS A BABY MISSING!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with this picture?

Before you judge the Kansas City Police Department, check out the defense lawyer. He is yelling, we are doing what they want, out of one side of his mouth and refusing the police access to his clients on the other side. When you have nothing to go on, it is really hard to go anywhere. The police have worked non-stop, its too bad Baby Lisa’s parents will not even try.

Tacopina, and anyone can look it up, is a spotlight seeking, headline grabbing, I’ll take the case, if I am the center of attention, attorney. Cyndy Short said it yesterday in her press conference, he is interested in the national news this is making. He is going to drag this out as long as he can. He is not interested in helping police find this precious little baby. If he were, the parents would have been to the police and told them all they needed to know. I know that it can be scary, even if you are innocent, to have to talk to police, but again, THERE IS A BABY MISSING!!!!!

My hats off to the Kansas City Police. What should have been a case that might have been solved a week after Lisa went missing, Tacopina has drawn out for a month. Shame on him and shame on the parents. They all should be arrested for stalling this case. I am sure when the half-brothers of Lisa get a little older, they will be ashamed of how the parents did their sister. Lisa deserved better. I can only hope that somehow that little baby knows there are people who pray for her everyday and are sorry her parents showed little concern for her, only for themselves. Maybe she can understand they were too tired to help find her and bring her home.

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