How to Stop Constipation

by on October 25th, 2010
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Due to my own recent frustrating encounters with constipation, I know what its like to throw in the towel and feel like you’ve got no choice but to give up. However, by analyzing your lifestyle and figuring out what you can do to prevent the problem, you’re sure to see positive results like I did.

Chewing Well

For a while, I had a problem chewing my food well before I tried swallowing. Often times, I didn’t realize it but I was eating fast for no reason and swallowing food whole or nearly whole. Fortunately, my sweet boyfriend brought this to my attention and I then began realizing what I was doing to myself. Because my digestive system was unable to break the large portions of food I had devoured into tiny counterparts, my body was unable to release the excess waste when using the toilet. It threw my body into such extreme chaos that on several occasions, I couldn’t manage to get any poop out for an entire week.

Releasing Gas

Another thing I noticed was that I had to release a ton of gas before receiving any sign of excreting stools. In my case, it seemed the more gas that came out, the closer I got to producing the excess waste. For me, sitting on the toilet wouldn’t get me anywhere so I began bending frontward in a kind of squatting position that enabled me to release gas.


Fiber is a great natural remedy effective for stopping or preventing constipation. Foods like apples, apricots, bananas, and blueberries are rich sources of fiber that should be consumed daily.


Finally, water is a very important tool for fighting off constipation. If you do have a habit of swallowing your food whole or not chewing properly, drinking enough water will help to break down the components and aid the digestive system to digest foods quickly and easily.

Please don’t let your bowels get the best of you. Start fighting off your constipation now.

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