How to Save Money While You Are in the Process of Moving

by on March 7th, 2015
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Moving expenses can quickly add up, from renting a moving company, to paying for airline tickets. But it is not just moving day itself that will quickly drain you of funds; many other incidental expenses can also prove costly and leave a huge dent in your wallet. How can you save money while you are in the process of moving?

Eat What’s in the Pantry Before Ordering Takeaway

Takeaway meals can save time and energy when you are in the process of moving, have been on the go all day long and you are in need of a meal in a hurry. When your kitchen utensils, pots and pans have been boxed up and shipped out, what other option is there?

Thankfully, there are other options that are kinder to your wallet, not to mention your waistline. Borrow some basic supplies from friends or neighbors right after your household goods have been taken away and concentrate on eating what’s left in the pantry (assuming you didn’t pack it all up!) before you start ordering takeaways. Treat yourself to a takeaway meal on your last night in your old home.

Keep Basic Supplies Such as Hand Soap and Toilet Paper Behind

Do you really want to shop for basic supplies when your home has been emptied and you have just a week to go before you move out completely? Not only are you more likely to spend more money than you had intended to, but you can actually put money back into your pocket by keeping supplies, such as hand soap and toilet paper, behind.

Roughly calculate how much you think you will need and if you overestimate, either leave the surplus behind for the next residents (who will be grateful for the free supplies) or pack it into your suitcase and take it with you. Just this one simple act can help save you money.

Stay in Your Home as Long as Possible

Once your home is empty, it can be tempting to head off to a hotel for the next two weeks until you fly out. While a hotel will offer you the basic amenities you need, along with a bed to lay your head down on at the end of the day, the daily rates will soon add up. Plan ahead so that you can stay in your home for as long as possible.

Keep an air mattress behind, along with a foot pump, borrow some bed linen and kitchen supplies and set up “camp” inside your home. Young children often find it an adventure when they are faced with a change to their routine. Go with it and you will be able to pocket the money you would have spent on expensive hotel rooms for you and your family members.

Moving is costly, which is why so many people dread it and try to keep their moves down to the bare minimum. When you are in the process of moving, there are many incidental expenses that can add up. But with careful planning and resourceful thinking, you can drastically cut back and reduce your expenses when you are in the process of moving.

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