Free Shrek Pumpkin Carving Patterns

by on January 26th, 2011
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Shrek is a DreamWorks animated comedy adapted from a picture book of the same name. Considering there has been several sequels to the first movie, I would image most can recognize the character. If you are a fan of the films or original picture book, there are a couple places to find free Halloween stencils of him online as well as a few that charge.


Shrek: Free pumpkin carving pattern of him smiling.

Shrek: You can find two free patterns of him on the website Pumpkin Pile. One is of a full body image of him standing. The other is just of his face. These are probably easier to carve for most people since they are your standard cut out designs.

To Buy

Stoneykins: You can find an image of the animated character smiling also on the website Stoneykins. This design will require cutting and shading. It can be printed for one credit.

Zombie Pumpkins: Another website with a happy Shrek to carve. This one is labeled as being of moderate difficulty. It is located in their Kreatures for Kids section of the site. $2 minimum membership required to print it out.

Ultimate Pumpkin Stencils: UPS has another challenging carving pattern of the character for $3.95.

Princess Fiona: If you are looking for a stencil of Princess Fiona, you can find one from UPS. The Princess Fiona one costs $2.95 to use.

Donkey: UPS also has one of The Donkey character from the movie. It is priced right now at $3.95.

Puss N Boots: Links to Puss in Boots.

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