Dinner Interupted, a Conversation with a Demon

by on March 7th, 2015
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Well my adventures continue here in Dover! I have found a lovely diner across the street from the Marriott Residence Inn. Kirby & Holloway Family Restaurant, a fine establishment, and I have taken many meals there during my stay here. I decided to dine there today for Sunday Dinner (I do miss Mrs. Glean’s home cooking) and after only a short wait, had taken my customary seat in the corner. I was catching up on current events when it happened.

I was approached by a young lady, impeccably dressed, with one of my books in her hand. Now, I have grown accustomed to people asking me to inscribe their books and I assumed this to be just one of the moments. I recognize that as a public figure, proper protocol requires I must engage in pleasantries, and to be honest, I do enjoy the attention.

Being here at the University, and having just delivered my last lecture, by all accounts, I had no reason to be on guard for anything peculiar. Perhaps, I am getting too old for this business. Maybe, I am just a fool these days. Or, more likely, I was just too engaged in my delightfully grilled, thick cut pork chops, applesauce, broccoli and fresh buttered rolls. I do take my eating quite seriously, something of which Mrs. Glean is quite the accomplice, although she feigns innocence.

Nevertheless, the woman approached with book and hand and asked if she could have an inscription. I of course, mouth full of pork chop, mumbled “of course, most delighted, my pleasure” and several other slurred expressions of appreciation.

When, the smiling young mademoiselle handed me the book and pen, she already had it opened and turned to the inside page. When I looked down, my heart froze, on the page was written one word “Parley.”

In the course of the war between the Forces of Good and Evil, a series of rules, laws, by-laws, and protocols have been developed. “Parley” is just one of those protocols, and it had just been invoked. By treaty, when invoked, both parties are required to negotiate. I had no choice, she had asked for “Parley.” I had to negotiate.

“Sit down” I offered. “Can I get you something?” Protocol does have its requirements, even if distasteful.

The young women sat down and looked at my half eaten pork chops, of which, were growing colder by the moment, a look of disgust was on her face. “Professor, pigs are a filthy animal.”

“Yes, but they are most tasty” I countered, stuffing another piece of tasty pork in my mouth.

“A pig will kill you” she laughed, finding the humor in the moment.

“We all will move onto the hereafter, some, just a little sooner than others.” I was offering a warning, technically more of a bluff, if I was facing a demon; I was in a precarious situation. I had no weapons on me to battle a demon. This was dinner damn it!

“I am here to talk only; we will adhere to the Laws of Parley.” The more she talked the more sulfur I could smell. Others, in the room were beginning to smell the noxious odor also. I could see the patrons becoming fidgety, turning their noses up, suspecting one another of a serious gas problem.

“You were hunting some of our brethren here. How goes the hunt?” She asked.

“Well, I am sure you’re aware I lost them, or else, we would be having a different conversation.” I really wanted to finish my meal. Pork chops are a favorite of mine. I continued to dine regardless of my companion.

“Professor, you are growing old, your skills are waning, and you really need to take better care of yourself.” Her talk was soft, and it seemed sincere. As, if to emphasis her caring, she reached across the table and took my left hand in her own. Her touch was so cold, I flinched, but she had my hand firmly in hers. She was emphasizing her strength, she could easily overpower me. And, we both knew it.

“My Master is prepared to offer you help. Not much, just enough to track these wayward demons down. If you were to be successful, and you were able to bring these troublesome forces to justice, my Master, would not be displeased. On the contrary, I think he would look most favorably upon it.” She was caressing my hand. The cold was crawling up my arm; I could see the veins in my arm turning blue as she was sucking the life out of me. She was pushing the “Law of Parley” to the edge. I could see the other patrons growing ill as they breathed in the diner air, thick with the smell of sulfur now.

“Succubus” I countered, “My heart is just fine. Of this I am sure. Darkness, I know not. Repent quickly. Or, we can spend the day here. A face you have of beauty. Eternal, my life I would stare at you. Happily, into oblivion we would go.” Before any underworld denizen is cast into the banishment (of which, I am not authorized to do) we who serve the forces of light, are required to offer mercy, a chance for the unclean to repent. I had invoked the words of my invocation of mercy. Although, it was mixed in with other several silly phrases of which, meant nothing. It was as if I had hit her with a Taser.

She recoiled at the last words. She freed my hand and I felt the warmth seeping into my fingers.

“The “Laws of Parley” you violate!” She screeched. A woman the next booth over threw up. People were now leaving, and quickly.

“Please, I have invoked no spells, no weapons, I indirectly offered you mercy.” Technically, I was right, I had not engaged in any offensive maneuver. I simply used a spell, mixed in with other sentences so as not to violate Parley protocol, to regain control of the situation. I thought it was rather clever. And, I laughed at her. Demons may out do humans in physical powers, however, we humans out smart them.

“I am tired of your company simpleton; my Master is prepared to offer you help, if you want it, you must agree to hunt these lost souls down. We offer you help old man. Nothing more, nothing less what say you?”

To be continued….

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