Creative Ways to Decorate Wine Bottle Corks

by on September 23rd, 2010
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Wine bottles can be a part of the decorating scheme, even if the contents are used. They can be displayed on stylish wall racks, on floor stands and more. The bottles are not the only appealing part. It is possible to decorate the corks in unique new ways. Expensive charms and other bobbles and bangles are not required. Consider these easy ways to decorate wine bottle corks, and begin decorating your bottles with eye-catching bling that is sure to impress.

Decorate Wine Bottle Corks with Small Glass Knobs

Small glass knobs are good for more than just cabinets and drawers. They can be used to decorate wine bottle corks in eye-catching new ways. Antique glass knobs are especially decorative and visually appealing. Simply twist the attached screw into the cork. It will look like fancy decor especially for bottles, and it will greatly enhance a wall or floor display. The cork can be just as decorative as the bottle.

Use Single Pierced Earrings to Decorate Wine Bottle Corks

Single pierced earrings can be used to beautifully decorate wine bottle corks. The glitzy types are especially eye-catching and appealing. This is a great way to use single pierced earrings that would otherwise remain in the back of a jewelry box. Simply push the earrings into the cork. They will add unique bling to otherwise ordinary wine bottle corks.

Decorate Wine Bottle Corks with Peel-and-Stick Bling

Peel-and-stick faux jewels are designed and marketed for decorating cell phones. They can also be used to decorate wine bottle corks. Use the peel and stick jewels to decorate the sides and the end of each cork. Light will cause them to sparkle and shine, and they will look better when displayed on a wall rack or freestanding holder.

Use Wire and Glass Beads to Decorate Ordinary Wine Bottle Corks

Charms are available for decorating stemmed glasses, but they can be made to decorate wine bottles. Buy glass beads in a design and color of your choice, and string them onto the wire. Wrap the beaded wire around the neck and cork of each bottle. If desired, run a wire through the cork before stringing the beads. Add three or four beads before twisting the ends together. This is a nice touch and an easy way to decorate otherwise ordinary wine bottles.

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