Cool iPhone Features that Make Life Easier

by on March 2nd, 2011
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Smartphones have been known to change the lives of their owners by helping to organize and simplify everyday tasks. The iPhone is packed full of little features that help iPhone owners get the most out of their phone, and in some cases, improve their quality of life by allowing people who may not have been able to use a cell phone to gain accessibility to technology that everyone else depends on every day.

LED Flash Alerts
(iPhone 4 or greater)
Best for: Hearing impaired, those who keep their phone on silent or vibrate
Where to find: General Settings > Accessibility > LED Flash for Alerts
LED flash alerts alert iPhone owners by using the flash on the camera to blink when they get a call or text message. The flash is quick, bright, and especially useful in the dark.

Speak Selection

Best for: Visually impaired, Multitasking
Where to find: General Settings > Accessibility > Speak Selection
Speak selection allows users to select text on most web pages, email, messages, etc. and the iPhone will read the text aloud. The print on many websites is very small; the Speak Selection option can help relieve strain on the eyes.

Incoming calls
Best for: Anyone who has trouble physically answering their phone
Where to find: General Settings > Accessibility > Incoming Calls
Users can set the iPhone to answer on speaker or directly to a headset. This comes in handy when cooking or driving. Once answered, the phone will automatically default to speaker mode, allowing easy hands free talking.

Large Text

Best for: Reading emails and text messages in much larger print
Where to find: General Settings > Accessibility > Large Text
This feature allows iPhone owners to choose how large the text on their phone is. They can choose between 20pt text to 56pt text to make the fonts larger and easier to read.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Best for: Sending quick texts and emails
Where to find: General > Keyboard > “.” Shortcut
Keyboard shortcuts make sending messages easy. iPhone users can take common phrases and shorten them to a few letters. For example, the common phrase “I love you” can be typed “ilu” and the phone will type out the entire phrase. This feature will allow users to save shortcuts for entire sentences, making texting popular phrases and texts as easy a typing a few letters.

The iPhone is a device that is accessible to everyone through the many options and features it offers. The accessibility features on the phone allow everyone to take advantage of everything a smartphone has to offer.

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