Christmas Morning

by on July 28th, 2010
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Christmas Eve and we’re all a flitter
House is warm and cozy
Christmas tree filled with shiny glitter
Santa’s cheeks, pink and rosy

The night wears on perhaps without end
Little hearts try to calm
The clock strikes eight, then nine and now ten
For the wait there is no balm

Finally the sandman stakes his ground
He puts the littles to sleep
For them now it is dreams without sound
Enduring morning’s slow creep

Then the happy clatter of Christmas bustle
Fills the ears of littles
They wrestle to rise and cause a tussle
The old, the young and those in the middle

Christmas morning is that one time of year
When we all share and love
We leave behind all our anger and fear
And turn to him above

Sure Christmas is trees, glitter and presents
It is also a day to remember
The birth of someone greater than events
That special birth in December

It may not be the exact date of his birth
But it is the date we remember
The birth of the one who gave us his life
That wonderful day in December

So I will always be proud to say Merry Christmas
Proud to recognize
The only one who bravely gave his life
That salvation I might realize

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