Christmas Eve with the Family

by on September 14th, 2010
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With the Christmas season comming around I get sad remembering what Christmas used to be. It still is my favorite holiday but I remember when I spent it with a lot of people.
My cousin got married in November of 2006. That Christmas Eve I would go to church with my mom. We would then go to New Rochelle and pick up my Grandparents or go in My uncle’s truck and we all would meet at a resturant in City Island. My cousin would be there with her husband and in laws.
We would all order food and split it. Then we would go back to my aunt’s for dessert. My cousin’s dog would be running around playing. She would guard a necklace of bells. My aunt put it on her but she didn’t like it. Instead she would lay on it and guard it.
My uncle would have on A Christmas Story. It was a marathon. We all would watch it together. There would be many laughs and a warmth feeling of spending Christmas Eve with the family.
I would then come home with my mom and we would open up some gifts that were under the tree. We would save the rest for morning.
In 2008 my cousin and her husband moved upstate. That is when Christmas Eve changed. My aunt and Uncle would go upstate to spend the holidays with her. I still spent Christmas Eve with my mom and grandparents.
It wasn’t the same anymore. I liked spending Christmas Eve with everyone. I felt like I had a big family. I still see my family members but I miss those days. Now either my Grandma comes over or I go with my mom over to her house. We still go to church on Christmas Eve. We never eat out anymore.
I will always have those Christmas memories of going out to eat and spending it with a lot of people. I will always remember the feeling that I had on Christmas Eve. I’m hoping when I get married and have a family of my own one day to start a tradition of going out to eat and spending it with both my family and my husbands family. After all there is nothing like spending Christmas Eve with a lot of people and the people you are closest to.

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