Candy Corn Cookies

by on March 9th, 2015
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There are some things which you’re happy to see has returned, each year. Like, at Easter, you know you’re going to see candy eggs and marshmallow bunnies, which you don’t see throughout the rest of the year. Or, at Christmas, you see those buckets with assorted flavors of popcorn in them. The same is true during Halloween and Thanksgiving. There are certain things you don’t see unless it’s the fall of the year. Candy corn is just one example of a treat that only appears in the autumn. I wonder why that is? Aren’t they delicious any time of year? Anyway, if you love those candies, you’ll adore candy corn cookies. Although the cookies taste nothing like the candy, they look like the classic candies, and they’re scrumptious and perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or most any autumn party.

You don’t have to have any special things to make candy corn cookies. All you need is a recipe for the type of cookies you want. Although you can make the candy corn cookies from any color/flavor of cookies, they especially look nice if the cookies are sugar cookies or other light-colored cookies, in keeping with the look of the candy corn. There are other types you can use but the ideal cookies will not have chocolate chips, nuts, or other protruding ingredients.

Instead of mixing up your own recipe you can use refrigerated cookie dough to make the candy corn cookies. It’s really simple, it’s not expensive, and the cookies turn out great every time. No matter what type of cookies you’re using, press the dough into a round pie pan – or more than one – depending upon how many candy corn cookies you want to make. Or, use a round cake pan. Bake according to the recipe, box mix, or dough wrapper. Allow the cookies to cool somewhat, cut them into triangular pieces, then allow them to cool the remainder of the way.

Use fondant to make the perfect look of the stripes on candy corn. Follow the instructions on the fondant and make a yellow stripe across the bottom, a much larger orange stripe which nearly reaches the point of the cookie, then a small area of white at the very point.

If you don’t have fondant you can use ordinary frosting. Spread the three different colors on the cookies then spread it out as smoothly as possible. The candy corn cookies are simply scrumptious and really fit in with any autumn party or get-together.
Candy Corn Cookies

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