Cancelling Halloween?

by on February 17th, 2011
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It’s Halloween and the doorbell hasn’t rung one time. My kids have swiped some candy from our full bowls but their costumes lay in wait, for the most treasured of kid holidays. New Jersey has been hit very hard by the winter storm that passed dumped more than a foot of snow on Morris and Sussex counties. The tree limbs that became heavy with icy leaves were too much for the tree limbs to bear and they fell. As the limbs fell they took power lines with them and many of us two days later are still in the dark with power lines to and fro.

The calls have run out from town to town and city to city. No Halloween today! The kids have had a very hard time trying to let go of Trick or Treating as they have been counting down the days for months. There has been no school and at least in Rockaway Township, no school for Tuesday, November 1st. This means some towns have already used their allotted snow days and winter hasn’t even begun!

As most towns are cleaning up and making power lines safe again, they are also doing their best to reschedule Halloween events. Rockaway Township has decided to reschedule all Trick or Treating events until Friday, November 4, 2011. The downed power lines and trees are still abundant. Many residents are spending yet another evening huddled in the cold with no power. Town hall still doesn’t have the ability to operate fully as they are also without power.

This will go down as one of the most interesting and terrifying Halloween’s in New Jersey’s history. At least there are opportunities for the kids to have a crack at Halloween later in the week. There is no doubt this was a very bad trick played on New Jersey this year! It seems unthinkable that a town can cancel Halloween, but all over New Jersey tonight there are the grumblings of kids who have to wait a few more days for their loot!

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