Allergic to Cats?

by on December 24th, 2010
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I’m sure you know cats are one of the most beloved pets we have. Over half of all the houses in America own dogs and cats. Even though we love our cats, many people suffer from cat allergies. It’s been shown that more than 10 million people here in America have allergic reactions to cats, particularly there for.

Cat dander is probably the biggest cause of our allergies to cats. Dander, is dust produced by the body of our cats. It’s basically skin that has shouted and came off our cats, usually in the form of flakes. Besides dander’s ability to irritate your skin, can also effect the immune system, showing up a number of symptoms and almost immediate allergic reactions.

After showing up in the immune system the dander can be a threat. It’s not of course classified as a disease, as really a reflex I your immune system and your body. These cat allergies usually occur due to the cats having allergens being spread throughout their blood, saliva and urine. Even though your cat is not in the room excretions can still be there.

In houses with cats saliva, urine, and dander will be found. As you know, cats are constantly grooming themselves, rubbing their saliva on their fur. Doing as spreads of their dander and allergens around. Try as you may there’s nothing you can do about it. It is their natural instinct to bathe or groom themselves even if you decide to bait them you won’t stop them from grooming.

Various reactions to these allergens may appear in people. Rarely chills and fever may occur. If you have cat allergies and come down with a fever or chills, you really should contact a physician immediately. It may not be an allergic reaction your cat, but could be some other type of disease that adapter should be asked to identify.

Decongestants and antihistamines are usually used to treat cat allergies. Usually people experience asthma attacks or other forms of allergies would take antihistamines. Swollen nail passages and coughs are usually treated with decongestants. There are allergy shots that you can take for cat allergies.

If you think that perhaps you do have cat allergies, it would be wise to visit your doctor. He can diagnose the situation, and give you options that are available for treatment. Of course, the best way to stop allergy attacks would be to get rid of your cat. This can be a very difficult option. If you do in fact have allergic reactions to your cat, getting rid of your cat may be the only option to stop your attacks. Medicine and shots you get from your physician can only do so much to help you. I know we love our cats, although cat allergies are something we could do without.

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