Album Review: “Ringo 2012″ is Exactly What You Expect from Ringo Starr

by on December 19th, 2010
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Ringo Starr is back in 2012 with the appropriately named album, “Ringo 2012.”

As it was with The Beatles, there is nothing too complicated with Starr’s musical works. It is straight forward, simple and easy to listen to. In fact, some of the songs you can almost picture as Beatles songs with their easy-to-understand lyrics that never fail to lose you. Five of the nine tracks are under three minutes long, and only the featured track “Anthem” is more than three and a half minutes, at a lengthy five minutes and one second.

“Ringo 2012″ does not see much progression in style from Ringo, but sometimes that is OK because his fans know exactly what to expect from him. There is the call for peace and an end to violence in “Anthemand there are songs that just have a catchy tune you will not be able to get out of your head for the rest of the morning like his updated version of “Wings.” Four of the songs on this release are updated versions of previous titles, accompanied by five new tracks.

If you need some new music to get you through the drive to work or are looking for something you can play in the background when you are working or sitting around sipping on a cool, refreshing beverage, “Ringo 2012″ is certainly worth adding to your playlist.

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