5 Things to Do BEFORE You Visit Walt Disney World

by on September 14th, 2014
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Doesn’t the sight of Mickey Mouse in Orlando fill you with delight. . .and fright? Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is known for its never-ending activities and ‘something for everyone all the time’ attitude. There are ways of making the trip as fun as possible. A little savvy goes a long way.

Talk With Someone Who Has Been There

You’re not alone in this. There are more Disney World fanatics out there then you may know about. Don’t be afraid to ask around. Your Disney trip should be designed for your needs. Another person will be able to more accurately recommend something for you and your family more so than an online planner because they know you. And they are super friendly. They’ll be thrilled you asked them to talk about their love of Mickey.

Check Out Other Sites. Disneyworld.com Isn’t the Only Site to Snag Good Deals

Ever heard of Mousesavers.com? How about Allears.net? These grassroots websites created by devoted Disney fans have grown to serve mass numbers of travelers looking to save money on their vacation. Each site is detailed and will answer questions on every concern. Both Mousesavers.com and Allears.net have weekly E-newsletters you can receive about the latest deals and news in Disney World. Why not have a throng of Disney Devotees help you get a discounted dining plan? Allears.net even has photos of all the resorts for you to visual decide what’s best for you.

Buy a Walt Disney PassPorter

The Marx Family has put together a planner’s dream. Released every year is the Walt Disney World Passporter. A planner, map keeper, organizer, calendar restaurant locater, advice giver, all packed into one spiral bound book personalized by you for your trip. It makes the trip come alive right in your hands. You can scribble anywhere in this book and there are pockets in the back to keep ticket stubs and other collectables. There’s even a place to put autographs from the characters you meet.

Study, Study, Study

The more you know, the more you save. But get the family into the deal. Try having each family member research something they want to do in Disney World and let them bring you their findings. Sign up for the Mousesavers.com and Allears.net newsletters and familiarize yourself with the art of dealing with Disney. Planning is half the fun so pour over those theme park maps and schedules with reckless abandon. Knowledge is power, and you’ll be saving yourself a lot of green.

Finally, Leave the Expectations and Stress at Home

Yes, you want to ride Splash Mountain. Yes, you want to have breakfast with Cinderella, and yes, you have to get that photo with your smiling family surrounding Mickey. Plan for these things, but unless you are staying longer than the average week, mentally let some things go. There are only so many hours in a day and countless things to do in Disney World. If you get to them, fantastic! But if you are prone to biting off too much to chew, take Disney World in smaller portions and enjoy where you are. Sometimes, it’s just about being there.

Information taken from writer’s personal experience. The writer is not affiliated with Mousesavers.com, Allears.net, or passporter.com. Credit and links are provided.

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