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Why shouldnt you wake up someone when there sleep walking

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You should not wake up a sleepwalker because they may become startled and confused, as they are waking, and strike out at you. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-shouldnt-you-wake-up-someone-when-there-sleep-walking ]
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Why shouldn't you wake someone up when they are sleepwalking??
The reason you're never supposed to wake a sleepwalker is because they might well get a dreadful shock to suddenly find themselves in a location other than their bed! If you discover someone sleepwalking, you should simply gently guide them...

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Question about my alarm clock..Paranormal or Explainable by Sleep Walking?
Q: Well here's how it goes, and I'll start from the beginning to give the most detail.I came home from my classes and boy was I tired.. I hadn't go much sleep the past two nights and they have been kind of weird. Let me explain quickly why they were weird. The first night my alarm was set for 6:00 am, and its digital. I woke up at EXACTLY 3:00 am. I saw 2:59 turn to 3:00 the second I woke up. No reason, I just awoke at that time. Now the next night I set my alarm for 6:15 since I needed to wake up a little bit later, and that night I woke up at 3:15 am and for no apparent reason.Anyways, I got home from my classes and took a little nap, from about 4:00 to 7:00. And I thought crap I shouldnt have slept so long. This night I kept my alarm at 6:15 am. and I confirmed it with my girlfriend before she left the apartment. I locked the door, and I was the only one in there this whole week.I tried to go to sleep around midnight but I just could not. I was awake and alert for each passing moment. My mind was fully awake but my eyes and body were exhausted, though I hadn't done much.I think I dozed in and out of a sleep (possibly because of my predisposition to sleep apnea. It seems to run in my family but mine isnt anywhere near bad) I finally opened my eyes at 3:06 and decided I was going to just stop thinking and focus on nothing to help myself go to sleep. Low and behold I apparently fell asleep. The next morning I expected to be awoken by my alarm at 6:15 but I didn't wake up until 6:29, and it was just my body that woke up. I was wide awake and felt no exhaustion despite what I believed would happen the night before. I noticed my alarm was still set even though it didn't go off, and I hadn't changed it at all from the morning before and it went off the past two mornings. I checked it and it was set for 6:55. This immediately puzzled me, and I figured I could have been sleep walking or something.I posed my professor this question in class, and he's my psychology professor. Of course though he just had to be a raving luncatic over his Catholicism and suggests I'm being haunted by a demon/ghost and its trying to mess up my life by sabotaging me.... Well I respect this man as a teacher so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt, but I'd like to know your perspective views on this, and please back up your opinions with some sort of evidence.I'm willing to be open-minded towards this religious perspective but I need some idea of why I would be harboring a paranormal entity.I like the logic you guys have for the situation. And I just want to state this with the talk of stress coming into it, I wasn't stressed about anything. I played with a Ouija board and it was unnerving afterwards, considering I played with like 3 people whom I trust, but certainly not stressed, and if anything playing with that thing was more of a test for the other side.Of course if I told my professor this he'd probably call me an exorcist. So Im going to delete this detail after I get answers.
A: It sounds to me like you are experience stress related insomnia. The alarm clock is easy to explain. You did wake up and reset it for the next morning and fell back asleep, you just don't remember it. It happens all the time. Actually we are constantly coming in and out of sleep during the night as part of the sleep cycle, however we seldom remember waking up. The key as you have discovered is to try to relax and clear your mind of anything troubling. It wont help to get stressed about an upcoming paper or test.edit: for the record, iron or not, blood has never been observed being affected by any magnetic forces. However, thus magnetic influence is a classic scam still popular with psychic healers and quacks.
should i wake up my sleepwalking child?
Q: My 5 year old had a sleepwalking episode for the first time tonight. Ive never experianced anything like this, but i understand its pretty normal. Ive heard you shouldnt wake a sleepwalker, but im not sure if this is actually true. I mean hes 5! how long should I just let him wander around? He did weird things, like look at common objects (like a kitchen chair) like they were foreign, and try to pick them up, he didnt communicate, make eye contact or indicate in any way he could even hear me talking. I ended up just carrying him back to bed, he didnt fully wake up but he did start crying and i spent about 20 minutes in his room with him untill he stopped and fell asleep. Whats the best way to deal with something like this? Closing doors wont help, he opened his bedroom door when he walked out, but im not even really comfortable with him wandering around in his room doing who knows what for who knows long. I guess I need to know the best way to get a young sleepwalker back to sleep (in his bed)
A: my ex-uncle used to sleep walk - once he thought he was in a football game and went back to catch the ball - slammed thought the closet door back first - broke the door...i'd make an effort to direct him towards his bed if you can't get him back in it - it may be good to try to put him back in again to see if he still reacts this way (probably woke up)also talk to his doctor about it to see about tips and tricks to help him as well as possibly monitoring his sleep in a lab to be sure nothing else is going on or to see if this can be correctedsome people (adults) do really bad things while sleepwalking so i'd make an effort to get it under control asap
Sleep and Sleep Paralysis . . . . ?
Q: I take naps during the day because i have long nights where i study or go out with friends. usually when i nap, something "weird" occurs <THIS ISNT IMPORTANT BUT IT EXPLAINS HOW I GOT INTO THE WEIRD STAGE. i had this dream where im with friends walking at night, to the right theres a mini hill which i climb, theres a tree to the left of me as i stare down at my friends. my friends just have this weird face and just stare at me, then i get surrounded by 5 racoons, my vision fade as i fall to he ground.(so i guess im scared? )anyway thats the dream.> HERE IS WHERE IM NEED HELP. after the dream is done. Im awake but i cant open my eyes. i hear my roommate in the room but i cant speak. i try moving my fingers; cant. try moving my tongue; cant. so i moan. i begin grunting in my throat. i finally wake up after like a min. or 2 and i just stare at my roommate and i tell him what happned. my question is: is it bad to wake someone up if they are in this "sleep paralysis?" because i was planning to make like a morse code grunt noise if that were to happen again and my roommate was in the room. I have HEARD though, you shouldnt wake someone up if they are in this stage. Opinions/Recommendations?
A: From what I have experienced myself, there is no waking from this state, since you are officially "awake." So to have someone try to wake you would almost be more traumatic. My boyfriend once woke, and noticed that something was wrong with me, and as he tried to wake me (so to speak) I actually included him in this state I was in and became more terrified, as I thought someone was trying to hurt me. I experience this quite a lot, and I'm with you buddy. It's a very terrifying experience. I remember once being convinced that there was a ghost in the house, as right in between my "deep" sleep, and when I was just falling, there was a woman with white hair swirling around her head holding me down and shaking me. I have never ever been so frightened in my life. I realized after I was awake for a couple more hours that it was just the fugue state I was in, but it's really quite frightening. I hope you find your answers and good luck. But I would advise AGAINST having someone try to wake you, as it might make things worse. Best of luck, really.

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