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Why is my pee is brown

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The causes of dark-brown urine include: Urinary tract infections. - Renal failure. - Liver failure. - Blood in the urine. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-my-pee-is-brown ]
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Why is my pee brown?
Dehydration is the simplest answer. Drink a LOT of water now -- tap water -- and see if you don't get results by bedtime.
What does brown pee mean?
I really feel for you and your dog. We are going through some medical issues with our girl Brie and Mac our guy, who lived in a kennel for four years. It is hard to tell what their energy levels are or personalities when dealing with change...
What would cause your pee to be reddish brown?
lots of things: - possibly kidney stones - dehydration - metabolic abnormalities. - sometimes things you eat. you can do a home urine test if worried to see if anything is out of "normal range".

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Why do I have orange brown red pee from taking lactoferrin or butyrate supplement?
Q: I've had orange-brownish-redish pees recently after taking moderate amounts of butyrate and lactoferrin supplements, separately on different occasions. It's usually accompanied with feeling generally "polluted" and "out of it". Does anyone know why this is? It can't be good? (It's for leaky gut treatment)
A: it is actually quite common. even with a multivitamin you will notice discoloration of the urine
Why is there a brown drip of urine after I pee?
Q: When i pee it hurts a bit and then when i am done, a brown\red liquid drips out for a little while. What is it? Any ideas what is wrong?
A: could be a urinary tract infection and it is blood tinged urine
Why do I have brown pee?
Q: I just started protein and a work out booster today and now i have brown pee. Are these two connected.
A: You could be a little dehydrated, which can make pee very concentrated and dark-looking. You might also be getting rid of a lot of whatever supplement you are taking, thus making your pee look brown. You are probably just fine, it sounds to me like they are connected. I've known lots of people who take high levels of vitamins and end up with very dark pee. Experiment and go off of the supplement. If the pee goes back to normal, then you'll know that that's what it was.

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