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Why is my pee green

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Green urine could signify a urinary tract infection. A brighter green color is an indication of an excess of B vitamins. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-my-pee-green ]
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Why is my pee green?
if you eat alot of green vegetables it can affect the color of your pee (i know asparagus really does this, it apparently also turns breast milk green just in case you wanted to know) also, if you are consuming a lot of green food dye it ca...
Why is his pee green?
its just the nutrients in his system don't worry it will turn into stinky pee; and also the mother cat would lick his bottom to make him go poo; i wouldnt suggest you lick it but get something to simulate the mother licking his bottom and t...
What does green pee mean?
http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;… You two were meant for each other.

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Why does my ferret have green pee?
Q: Is this at all common? We bought her exactly a week ago from Petco. She is 6 months old. She has been on the same food (8-1 Ultra something) since we brought her home. We haven't given her any treats or anything. She has been playing and acting fine, but just a moment ago she peed on my floor and it was green. Up until now it has been yellow, she is only 6 months old, why could her pee be green? I am obviously worried, should I be?It's midnight. I am not calling the vet asap, sorry.
A: Okay, ASAP means "as soon as possible" not "right now." So that means, call in the morning when they open.Green pee is indeed indicative of liver problems. I have never seen green pee in my life and I have rescued tons of ferrets.More common is green poop or green diarrhea. If you can watch her and make sure it really was urine and not diarrhea (they can have such watery diarrhea it looks like urine) that would be good. Either way, green diarrhea or green pee, the vet needs to be seen tomorrow.
Why do vitamins make your pee bright green?
Q: I take potassium, B Complex and Calcium and for the whole day my urine looks radioactive, which one is causing this why?
A: It means the vitamins arent soluable, and you arent absorbing them. They're either not very good vitamins or you're already getting enough and your body is getting rid of the excess. Try better vitamins.
Why are my poop and pee green?
Q: Okay, so today I noticed that my poop and pee are green. Is that okay? It's really creeping me out because it's not normal. What's wrong with me??
A: quit eating pine trees

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