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Why is my butt bleeding

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The color of the blood during rectal bleeding often depends on the location of the bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-my-butt-bleeding ]
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Why is my butt bleeding..?
Hey, Bubba - you gotta make some changes in your diet to prevent hemorrhoids. Get off junk food, fast food garbage, sugary sweet soda's. Get on a good, heatlhy, balanced diet, including lots of boiled or steamed vegetables. Drink plenty of ...
What causes bleeding from the butt?
I hate medical questions on here. You should really see a doctor. It could be just simple hemmroids or it could be very serious. Please go see your doctor.
Can fleas make a dogs butt bleed?
I have a 5 year old American Pit Bull Terrier. Recently I noticed she has fleas and started treating them. But other sense I noticed the fleas, she also bleeds after she goes poop. It seems to correlate with her having fleas, but the fleas ...

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Why is my cats butt bleeding? 10 points for best answer!!!?
Q: I was on my moms bed and i was playing with my cats tail. Then I looked and there was blood on his butt! Not bleeding a lot but... But we put Tabasco on the wires so my cats wouldn't chew it and we have the tree up so it could be almost anything...remember 10 points to the best answer!!!
A: Was the blood on your kitties butt red or dried? Sometimes your cat will be constipated and straining in the litter box can cause bleeding (just like hemorrhoids in a human). If the blood is red and is on the outside, your cat may have got to close to the tree and had a branch scratch him when he rubbed against it. It is not fun but look in your cats litter box and see if there is any sign of blood in his poop. If there isnt then you really do not need to worry about it. It is superficial and will heal on its own. If there is blood in the box and you see it again in another day, take your cat to the vet as he may have a bowel problem. Good luck!
Why would my dog be bleeding from her butt?
Q: I have a minature poddle about 3 years old. We feed her chicken wings for good behavior last night. Today when I took her out, in her carry on she has messed in it. When she used the bathroom I seen blood from her butt afterwards. The blood is dark red and sounds like a gush when it comes out from her butt. She seems to be acting normal, but I am still worried about the blood.
A: rough carpeting
Why is my butt crack bleeding?
Q: I have this really irritating spot 2-3 inches from where why butt crack starts......and i saw today that it was bleeding.....its been there for like a month now....what is it?
A: you could have hemroids internal bleeding from straining to hard or maybe somthing worse you should really get that checked out

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