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Why is my back sore

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Back pain affects 80% of Americans at some time in their lives. I guess it was just your turn! ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-my-back-sore ]
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Why is my back MORE sore?
Getting a deep massage can affect the muscles the same way that exercise does: with soreness and fatigue afterward because the muscles are being worked, perhaps in ways they aren't used to. See http://www.massagetherapy.com/articles/i... an...
What to do for sore back?
Exercising and strengthening the supporting muscles of the back and abdomen are the best defenses against a sore back.
My back is often sore at the end of a day's work. How can I preve...?
Modification of activity or the work environment may be required. It is often how the person does that results in unnecessary stress to the back. Such instruction can be provided by the doctor or the therapist , either as an individual or i...

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Why have my breasts been so sore lately and my back?
Q: I just came off my period like 6 days ago, and I have really really bad back and boob aches..........my boobs are really swollen and sore too.. i cant figure out why this is?
A: Possiblities:PubertyDifferent bras you might've started using.Pregnant.Some lack of nutrition of sorts.Different types of work outs or diets.VIVA LA RAZA!
Why is my throat sore and red, and the back of my neck hurts?
Q: The last 3 days I had a flu/fever and right now the flu is gone. But now my throat is sore. It is also red when I look into my mouth. Also the back of neck hurts. It has been hurting for two days now.
A: could be strep throat....get a test from your doctor, then he'll give you some antibiotics
why do i have sore kidneys and back pain all the time unless im sat down?
Q: I've had really bad lower back pain for the last 2 days and my kidneys are really sore the only time i don't have any pain is when im sat down but that's beginning to hurt too.
A: you can have a kidney infection. or even a bladder infection will do that

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