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Why is it that whenever I eat I feel sick to my stomach

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There are many reasons why you might feel sick when you eat. If you're a female, you may be pregnant and having morning sickness. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-it-that-whenever-i-eat-i-feel-sick-to-my-stomach ]
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Why am I feeling sick to my stomach every time i try to eat??
sorry to give the most cliche answer, but maybe pregnancy? if not, then i would see a doctor. this sounds serious. im not sure how long this has lasted (a few hours? days?) but you could also be dehydrated.

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whenever i eat, i feel sick and my stomach hurts..?
Q: i tend to get very stressed out.my family thinks i have an altzer (i dont know how to spell it)where you get a rip in your stomach from stress.what do you think?
A: I had the same problem and I did have an ulcer. Go to the doctor. He or she will probably refer you to a gastroenterologist, who will run tests to determine what exactly is wrong. Feel better soon!
I feel sick whenever i eat a peice of food and drink sometimes?
Q: Had it for the past two years now whenever i take a bite out of something and swallow i just get a sick feeling in my stomach sometimes its so strong i feel like im actually going to be sick.
A: My first question would be - and don't get mad - Do you have an eating disorder?If you do, this could be the cause and you need to seek professional help in order to over come it.If you don't, great but seek professional help to see what the cause is.Does it make a difference in what you eat or drink or does everything make you sick? Maybe keep track of what you eat & drink to show your Dr.
Why do eggs make me sick whenever I eat them?
Q: I like eggs, a lot. But whenever I eat one, or smell one, I get this really uneasy feeling in my stomach, and I always have to use the bathroom. I know it isn't salmonella, because everyone would get sick, and this is a every single time thing. HIts not acid reflux. Its a feeling like I need to throw up.
A: You might be having an allergic reaction to eggs, and if this is the case then you ought to start being very careful with what you eat. Here is why, eggs have proteins that your immune system is recognizing as invaders (the bad guys), therefore it is launching an attack agaisnt these proteins. The attack consists of antibodies (soldiers that fight against the proteins) and so you end up feeling the way you do. If you eat anything which contains these proteins, your body will be able to tell, think that it's a bad guy and launch an attack.

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