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Why does your stomach growl when you are not hungry

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The walls of your intestines squeeze together to mix and digest food creating this sound. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-your-stomach-growl-when-you-are-not-hungry ]
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Why does my stomach growl when I'm not hungry??
I have this happen to me too~it is just gas banging around in the stomach~ also the brain may not have told your stomach that it has had food~ sounds weird but it happens. Try doing a couple of sit ups and see~ if you have gas, then that is...
What causes my stomach to growl when I am not even hungry??
There is a name for those kinds of growls - borborygmi. The noise is caused by microspasms of the nerve ending that feed in to the small intestine and cause the organ to contract and growl, the reaction which can be caused by just thinking ...
When you are hungry and your stomach does not growl Is that a pro...?
No, Gas,air and food cause stomachs to growl. You can still be hungry without the growling sounds.

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why does your stomach growl when your hungry?
Q: i have been wondering when your hungry or haven't eaten in a while, why does your stomach growl, like what is the medical explanation for that thanks guys
A: The growling of your stomach (and intestines too) has to do with the presence of air within your gut. Your gut is a hollow tube that is lined with muscle. This muscle contracts even when you are hungry, producing waves of activity known as Migrating Myoelectric Complexes. Or...Dr. Lisa Thornton:Well, the answer is borborygmi. I know it's a crazy word, it kind of sounds like what happens when your stomach growls doesn't it? But, it's actually the name of the process where the walls of your intestines squeeze together to mix and digest food. Now, you will notice I said intestines and not stomach. That is because it really is not your stomach making those noises, it is further downstream after food passes out of your stomach. Sometimes you hear the growling when you're not hungry because your brain automatically turns the digestive system on and off several times a day. But digestion continues whether your stomach is full or empty. You just hear it more clearly and loudly when there is no food there to muffle the sounds.
Why does your stomach growl when you're hungry?
Q: Since your stomach holds food for a very short period of time, why does it "growl" when you're hungry?
A: Yet hunger really has nothing to do with an empty stomach but, instead, is a product of certain nutrients missing in the blood.It happens when your stomach walls squeeze together in an attempt to mix and digest food and there's no food there. Gases and digestive juices slosh around in your empty stomach. Its called Borborygmi Furthermore, growling doesn't only come from the stomach but, just as often, can be heard coming from the small intestines. Growling is more commonly associated with hunger because it is typically louder when the stomach and intestines are empty and so the organs' contents don't muffle the noise.
Someone please tell me, why does your stomach growl when you're hungry?
Q: I was always curious about this.
A: It is more noticeable when it is empty, but this article explains it in detail.http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2062625/why_does_your_stomach_growl.html

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