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Why does your hand fall asleep

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This is usually caused by poor circulation. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-your-hand-fall-asleep ]
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What causes your hand to fall asleep?
Well your hand falls asleep because the cut off of blood circulation in the blood vein. So like if you have you arm on a corner for a certain amount of time it causes your are to fall asleep.
Why does my hand fall asleep?
Carpal tunnel syndrome causes the hand to 'go to sleep' at any time regardless of day or night, it is caused when there is inflammation in the area leading from the arm to the hand and the blood supply is compromised (in laymans terms), it ...
Why does my hand fall asleep at night?
If you are worried about having a stroke, take an aspirin a day just in case you do have one, as it will lessen the effects of a stroke and may save your life. However, my ex was experiencing numbness in the hands and the doctor found a s...

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Why does my hand fall asleep when I play guitar?
Q: When I play guitar, my left hand falls asleep. This hasn't always happened. It started a few months ago, and has slowly been getting worse. I wanted to know why this happens, and if there's anything I can do about it.
A: It is either the nerves or the circulation in the hand.If the hand is very cold (hold it up to your lips and compare with the other hand), it's the circulation.Otherwise it's the nerves.In either case, you are holding the guitar incorrectly.Stay away from the guitar for a few days, then consult a guitar teacher!I like this basic instruction on holding the guitar:http://www.cyberfret.com/classic/right_left_hand_tech_2.htmalso this one:http://www.guitar-instruction-video.com/the_basics.htm
Why does my hand fall asleep at night?
Q: For the last five nights, my right hand and sometimes my left hand has fallen asleep while I sleep. Does anyone know what that might mean?
A: It happens when you press the blood vessels and the blood supply is cut off momentarily. Better keep your hands free and do not put pressure on them by putting it under your head or keeping them hard pressed between your thights etc. More suggestions only if you can tell which way you sleep. If it persists, consult a physician
why does my hand fall asleep when at night when i go to bed?
Q: i often wake up during the middle of the night in pain.my hand feels as if its asleep and its actually painful.i then hang my hand of the side of the bed to get the blood flowing.why does this happen
A: Most definitely it's carpal tunnel syndrome. Do you have a job that uses lots of repetitive motion with your hands? (This could even be typing.) Do your hands fall asleep when you drive for any length of time? There are special braces made to wear at night especially. And some people need therapy or surgery. I have the same thing at night. I try to keep my wrists in a natural position (try laying on your side with a pillow between your hands to keep them from bending or twisting at night. After losing my job that involved a lot of assembly with my hands, my symptoms have improved, although I still go numb at night sometimes. Hope this helped!

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