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Why does your body swell when you are dehydrated

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When you're dehydrated your body slows down the elimination of water. This restriction in fluids causes body to retain water. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-your-body-swell-when-you-are-dehydrated ]
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Can your body swell if you are dehydrated?
Mine does horribly. I can just feel the water in the belly. Just drink a lot for three days and you'll be back to normal.

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Can your body swell if you are dehydrated?
A: Mine does horribly. I can just feel the water in the belly. Just drink a lot for three days and you'll be back to normal.
wake up with bone pain when im dehydrated?
Q: for the past 3 years ive been waking up on different days with bone pain in my hands. finally found out it was caffine, and for the past 5 months ive obstained from caffeine and the pain has been gone. but on days when im dehydrated (dont wanna get out of bed to get some water), the next day i have the same pain, but its just not as bad as when i was drinking coffee. the pain is always in my right hand, and some other body part (knee, arm or ankle). It swells about 1 in 10 times that i get the pain, but mostly there is none. the pain goes away with one dose of aspirin, and it goes away until the next time im dehydrated. if i dont take the apirin, then the pain will last in definately. if you have ever experienced this or have a diagnosis for me i would really appreciate any help i can get. my doctors say its RA or OA, but im only 25, i dont have any of the other symptoms of either of those diagnoses.
A: Um... I would definitely keep on drinking water and make sure you stay hydrated, I have the same thing going on and my doctor told me the same thing...I am only 18 so it may be a possibility. I have just stuck with staying hydrated and that usually helps. I try to stay away from aspirin and meds because eventually you will grow immune to them. Other than that I guess we will go through this together. Best of luck to you!
Does anyone know how caffeine effects edema?
Q: I have edema in my lower legs & ankles. My Dr put me on Lasix. I drink lots of water every day. I TRY to drink half of my body weight in water every day bit sometimes fall short of that goal. I do however drink at least 64 oz every day.I am now on day 5 with the Lasix & am still seeing some swelling in my ankles. I drink coffee. Probably too much coffee each day. Does anyone know if this is not a good idea to do when you have edema? The reason I ask is because I am not real clear on how this edema thing is working. I think my body may be storing extra water because I am becoming dehydrated, which is probably not helped by the caffeine in the coffee. But caffeine is a diuretic, isn't it? So it should pull the water off too. However, it seems to be making it worse. Is that possible???
A: Yes, coffee is a diuretic, and I think it is the caffeine which has that effect. I think you should consult your physician about this -- perhaps something like Gatorade would help keep you hydrated, without adding to the edema.

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