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Why does weed make your throat hurt

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Over the long term, the tar in marijuana can cause bronchitis, sinus infections and a sore throat, especially in heavy users. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-weed-make-your-throat-hurt ]
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Does my throat hurt because i smoke weed?
maybe there is something in the weed that irritates your throat. Not everybody reacts the same way to it. If you were sharing the weed with someone else (like passing joints around or something) you might have gotten what they were recoveri...
What method of smoking weed hurts your throat less?
vaporisors are the best as far as your questions go, but if you cant afford one i would go for a bong with whats called an ice-catcher, which you basically fill the tube with ice which helps to cool down the smoke as it goes up, other than ...
How can I smoke weed without it hurting my throat??
Just use a water bong. You will get use to your throat not hurting the more you do it. Brownies work great too.

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How bad does your throat hurt after smoking weed for the first time?
Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, can you rate how much it hurt your throat the first time you smoked weed? Because I'm planning on doing it with some friends this week, and I'm kind of scared because I've heard that your throat hurts really bad.Is there anything I can do to make it hurt less?Please don't reply if you're not going to say anything helpful like "just don't smoke it then". My question is "is there anything I can do to lessen the hurt". If you're not going to answer my question, then please don't put anything.
A: o my god!!! dont do it because smoking is BAD!
Can you get throat cancer from smoking too much weed? If not then why does my throat hurt after doing it?
Q: after i get done smoking my throat hurts and is really red.
A: Smoking too much weed??? Interesting way to pose your question. This makes me think that you're concerned about what you're doing!!!Why don't you just stop and find a new extra-curricular activity that doesn't hurt so much?
is it normal for your throat to hurt after you smoke weed?
Q: also, if you have a blod disorder, would it be a bad idea to smoke?
A: It normal but if its happening all the time you might be hitting it wrong. the first couple times i smoked i would rip up my throat because i wasn't hitting it right. make sure you take a deep breath and it goes all the way into your lung because the smoke wasn't going deep enough and it would sit in my throat and burn and it made me cough alot and it would sometimes go in my stomach which isn't fun.and try not to cough that's what can really mess up your throat on top of the smoke, so just dont take to big of a hit that you cant handle and after you exhale the smoke taking a couple deep breaths helpsalso bongs cool the smoke down much more than blunts or bowls, so they can be easier on your throat.and as for the blood disorder, anything that goes into your lungs goes into your blood stream so you should definitely check that out before you toke up again

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