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Why does Sprite help an upset stomach

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Sprite is good for nausea because it is a clear liquid and it helps to keep you hydrated when eating food doesn't sit well. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-sprite-help-an-upset-stomach ]
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Does drinking Sprite really help an upset stomach??
It might help, depending on what's causing the problem, but there are better things to take in almost every situtation.
Will sprite help my puppy's upset stomach?
I doubt it, Put some pepto bismol im his food, or in a little milk.That should help.

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Why do people drink Ginger Ale or Sprite to settle an upset stomach?
Q: Is there something in the drink that makes it better?I'm just curious.
A: Ginger has been used for years for upset stomachs. Sprite or 7-up is a clear liquid. Both have acid. All colas have carbonic acid, and the clear, citrus ones have citric acid. Both are bad for your teeth and can rot a penny. The only safe one is Mug root beer, Try flavored or plain ice water. its better for your stomach and teeth.
Does drinking Sprite really help an upset stomach?
A: The carbonation in any soda drink can help release gas, but ginger ale is supposed to be the best. The ginger spice is an old remedy for upset stomachs.
Why is sprite or ginger ale supposed to make an upset stomach feel better?
Q: Some one said it was because of the carbonation, but i thought it was supposed to be flat when it made you feel better.
A: ginger is the real secret. ginger calms an upset stomach and balances out body funtions.

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