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Why does my stomach hurt so bad

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Abdominal pain can be caused by a multitude of things: gas, menstrual cramping, over eating, pregnancy, kidney stones etc. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-my-stomach-hurt-so-bad ]
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Why does my stomache hurt so bad?
you could be constipated, you should probably go to the doctor
Why does your stomach hurt so bad when you take suboxone??
because it has nalaxone in it and if you swollow it this causes migraines and stomach cramps so when u put the suboxone under ur tongue try and spit
Why does my stomach hurt so bad after I run?
If you run 2 hours after waking up without eating breakfast, you have probably not eaten in a good 10 hours or so. Your body is telling you it needs food. You are hypoglycemic at thisd point (your body is low on sugar). Avoid solids as they...

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Why does my stomach hurt so bad after eating cake?
Q: Whenever i eat cake i have HUGGGGGE stomach pains and they killlll. And when i eat to many bananas or something. i usually dont have 2 much sugar so idk if thats why. wpuld sugar hurt my stomach bad? im 15 and a girl btw so idk if my body cant take the sugar or something
A: It sounds like you may have IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I personally have IBS. I can get stomach pains in my lower belly near my colon (lower left side) when I eat too many bananas or too much sugar.Unfortunately, you really cannot do much to remedy IBS except to be conscious of what you eat (i.e. avoid sugar).
Why does metamucil make my stomach hurt so bad?
Q: Lately ive been taking metamucil because my cholestoral is a little high. Usually almost an hour after taking it my stomach will hurt really bad. Kind of like on and off for the rest of the day, anyone know why? Is there something wrong with me?
A: I've starting taking metamucil too for the same reason. How often are you using it? It says on the back to take it 3x a day. Im starting off at one to ease into it. I'm panicked about the laxative effect. I don't know why its hurting your stomach so badly. Again, maybe you should just use it maybe 1x day and see how you feel. Good luck and low numbers yay!!
Why does my stomach hurt so bad?
Q: I ate half a bagle, then went on the treadmill. My stomach started to hurt (lower part). I took a bath and it only got worse. It isnt my period, becauseit ended three days ago. I took a tums 5 minuites ago and it doesnt feel beter.what can do?
A: you shouldn't really eat something as heavy as a bagel before doing strenuous exercise. if you have to eat something, eat something light before exercise like a small bowl of Special K and low/non-fat milk or yoghurt and try to give it some time to digest a little, like 20 min. drink some liquid to loosen up the food - peppermint tea is good for digestion.

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