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Why does my stomach hurt everyday

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You might have an ulcer. Peptic ulcers are open sores that develop on the inside lining of your stomach. They are painful. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-my-stomach-hurt-everyday ]
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Why does my stomatch hurt everyday?
A visit to doc sounds necessary. Could be anything from ulcer to crohns disease.
Why does my stomach hurt for awhile a few minutes after I wake up...?
I would ask your doctor, but there a few things it could be... Do you have acid reflux? A change in diet can help, as can simple medication if eating healthier doesn't do it. Do you drink enough water throughout the day and evening? N...
Why everyday i wake up and my stomach hurts?
It could be anything. sounds like anxiety to me.

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why does my stomach hurt When I run in the mornign?
Q: Okay, so i run everyday at night but if i try running in the morning my stomach starts hurting really bad and it gets bloated. Does anybody know why? Is there anything i could do to prevent this from happening?
A: maybe its because your running on an empty stomach? Try eating and then waiting a half hour before going out for the run. If you dont have enough time for breakfast try just drinking a bottle of water. [but you should always eat breakfast]
why do my stomach hurt and itch?
Q: my stomach hurts everyday, i never had this problem until my boyfriend and i had sex. and my period has been coming a week early. do u know whats wrong with me.. my stomac start hurting and itcjing like some weeks after we had sex.
A: First make sur eyou always use condoms, STD's are very common and scary. Preventing them is so much easier than living with one. But!! Not to fear, it just sounds like cramps, sometimes cramps get so bad that you need to take Midal. It's a pain reliever for periods. Take it, and get some contraceptives. As for the iching I dont kn ow whats that all about, go see your doctor, it does sound like an allergic reaction, wearing a new fabric? go see your doctor :-)
Why does milk make my stomach hurt in the morning?
Q: I drink a lot of milk everyday with no problems, so It can't be that I am lactose intolerant. Why does this happen?
A: no

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