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Why does my side hurts

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What side is the pain in, left or right? Is it up near your armpit or down by your hip? Please be more descriptive. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-my-side-hurts ]
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Why does my side hurt?
When you went to the DR. did she just assume? Or did they run test to find this infection? It looks like your DR would want to know what is causing the infection! Describe the pain.(constant, sharp, shooting, etc..) Does it start on your ...
My upper left side of my chest hurts everytime I drink (alcohol)....?
Drinking alcohol and suddenly noticing a pain where your heart is usually a sign of some sort of artery clog. See your doctor because you may have something serious, or might be in the beginning stages. Your body usually gives you warning s...
Would getting a tattoo on the lower side of my stomach like on th...?
ok have you ever had a kid or are you planning on having children? cause let me tell you your small tattoo will turn in to a streched out shape of somekind! and if they have to give you a c section your tattoo will never be right again i w...

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hey girls , why does having period always makes youre one side of breast hurts?
Q: cause my left side boob cup are hurting in pain . and is there any medican i can take for my bad pain .
A: your hormone's change when you get your period that's why your breast hurt. take advil and warm showers let the warm water bounce off your breast.
Why does my teeth on the left side hurt whenever I eat chocolate?
Q: My teeth on the left side hurts every time I eat chocolate. They are okay when I eat other food but when I eat chocolate, they start hurting real bad. Why does it keep doing that?
A: It could be the sugar. Sometimes teeth are sensitive to heat/cold or sweet foods. My front bottom teeth were sensitive to cold and sometimes sugar a few years ago. Had them deep cleaned at the dentist and no more problems. Regular flossing keeps them feeling great.
my left side hurts when touched or trying to sleep on that side why does it hurt? :(?
Q: ok last night I discovered my left side hurts when it's ethier toched or sleeping on that side,I always sleep on my left side why does it hurt? please help? it doesn't hurt right now or hen I breathe so it's not serious,but still it's making me worried!! why does my left side hurt someone please help?
A: its most likely you slept wrong. there have been times when i woke up with a cramp on my leg. this is completely random yet natural. sometimes you'll have muscle spasms in ur sleep and that can cause cramps or pain. usually it doesnt feel as a cramp. i have the same problem you do except mine is on the neck

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