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Why does my heart skip beats sometimes

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The occasional skip or extra beat is often caused by emotions or exercise. Nonetheless, some arrhythmias may be life-threatening. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-my-heart-skip-beats-sometimes ]
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Sometimes my heart beat slows or skips. Do any of You know what i...?
The bradycardia and the the occasional missed beat mentioned is common in persons suffering from anxiety attacks. As long as the missed beats are very occasional ie. about once in a day or once in two days etc. you may not much bother about...
Why does sometimes it feels like my heart will skip a beat??
Heart will skip a beat ? This could be the valves opening to fast or to slow at times and could also be a double beat that makes it feel like skipping a beat. and this is called PVCs or premature ventricular contractions. Basically, your h...
Why does my heart skip beats?
You need to make an appointment and see your Doctor. What medication are you taking? He will want to do a thyroid function test and likely do a 24 hour ECG trace too. It could be that your Levothyroxine dose is too high, when was it la...

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Why does my heart skip beats?
Q: I have Mitral Valve Prolapse[since I was 14, I'm 16 now], and with the symptoms I had, my heart never skipped beats until about 3 months ago, I noticed that my heart sometimes skips beats, and it's sometimes so intense, I feel it all over my chest. Should I go to the doctor? Should I be worried?
A: It could be a problem, but more than likely its quite normal. Never the less you should see a doctor. Usually they attach a portable EKG unit to you for 24 hours. You also have a button that you push whenever you "feel" an event. It records the fact that you felt it, and it is compaired in time with what your heart was doing at the moment. I had it done, and It actually turned out to be an extra early beat followed by a pause, and if it doesn't happen too often, it's nothing to worry about.
Why does your heart skip a beat sometimes?
Q: what causes this on the molecular level?? anyone know?
A: On the molecular level it could be an electrolyte imbalance, like hyerkalemia, hypocalcimia,hypokalemia or a bunch of other electrolytes that regulate the hearts function.
Why does my heart keep skipping beats?
Q: I know caffeine can trigger it, anxiety, things like that. But sometimes my heart just starts skipping beats and going crazy. One time I totally stopped drinking pop, just to see if it would help and it did, but then I had some kool-aid and it started skipping again! Its just kool-aid!! I'm 16 female, I'm in good shape, almost underweight, but not. I'm not stressed, I've just been relaxing.Why does my heart skip beats so often. It does it at least ONCE per day, if not 20x/day.
A: More than likely you have a heart arrhythmia, or you could be more sensitive to the skips in your heart beat that happen to everyone. Whatever the case, it's more than likely not life threatening, (I'm also 16 and I have an arrhythmia- SVT). You should ask your Mom or Dad to set up an appointment with a cardiologist so they can put you on a heart monitor to record your heart beats (it's kind of annoying, but not bad). You can even send your recorded heartbeats over the phone, and from there they will call your cardiologist if they see anything. Your cardiologist will then give you a call telling you the type of arrhythmia you have, and if you should take a prescription to stop the irregular heartbeats.The process might take a while, but it's important not to get worried, and freak out about what is going on with your heart. I know when I first had episodes, they were wicked scary until I found out that they were not life-threatening. Until they figure everything out, just be sure to chill out and if you ever feel extremely dizzy or faint make sure you go to the hospital.

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