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Why does my foot hurt

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Why does my foot hurt?
wear different shoes. are you allowed to wear trainers??if so these can be a god-send if you are on your feet all day. If not buy sensible shoes, pay a bit more for them than usual, make sure you wear them around the shop for a while. Th...
Do foot tattoos hurt?
http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/1534smallcp5.jpg I don't know how old this post was- but I just got my foot tattoo yesterday and figured I would post something about it. Everyone has their own tolerance to pain- and mine is obviously ext...
What do I do when my feet hurt?
Ski boots are made for the average foot. Since few, if any, people have an ‘average’ foot, reality does not always meet expectations. We will personally fit you. Tell us if you have a pronation, supination or any other foot issue. We can of...

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Why does my left foot hurt everytime I take a step?
Q: I can't remember doing anything that would make my left foot hurt, but all of a sudden yesterday I could not put pressure on my left foot without limping because it is so sore and I still can't.It does not hurt to touch it and is not discolored or swollen but everytime I take a step and put pressure on it, it still hurts. Thanks for the help.
A: something is damaged. you could wrap the foot for support. ice it and elevate it when you can. take aleve. if it still hurts in a week, see an orthopedic doc. my wife has tendonitis on the top of her right foot. it does hurt to the touch. she ices it, but can not do much else, as she has to work.
Why does my foot hurt when I smoke?
Q: Okay, first of all I know that it is essential that I stop smoking, I know it is a horrible, obnoxious habit and will kill me. I have been making every effort to stop, but every two or three months (getting less! Getting less!) if I am really stressed out I will smoke a pack and regret it deeply. But I what I want to know is, why does is make my foot swell and hurt? I have fibromyalgia and recently developed diabetes. I excercise regularly and take wonderful care of myself except when doing this one distructive thing.
A: Hello =)Well...Nicotine is the most effective vasoconstrictor known to man. That is the reason it causes heart disease (constricts blood vessels supplying blood to the heart)....SInce you do have diabetes now, I would think that the blood flow to your foot is already compromised to some degree. Smoking just makes it worse.It also causes a number of other problems due to its consriction of blood vessels.My suggestion is, to soak foot in warm bath (warm, not hot) for half an hour or so, to increase circulation. That should nullify the effects of the nicotine. Repeat as often as necessary.I know from whence you come. I'm a severe diabetic for 10 years, and still smoke......BTW smoking does not cause low blood O2 Saturation....smokers almost always have higher O2 sat levels than non-smokers, due to the lungs' overcompensating. (Unless they have emphysema) The problem is, is that the blood cannot get to the tissues, due to reduced circulation.Namaste, and Happy New Year,--Tom
Why does the side of my foot hurt so much?
Q: I just started running. At first my knee hurt. After a few days my knee stopped hurting but the side of my foot hurts so bad I can barley walk. My husband is a big runner and said it will pass. Should I be worried?
A: There is a tendon the runs along the outside of the foot and can become inflmed to the point you cant walk.You should let it heal and while running be aware of it. When it starts hurting you will need to stop. It will go away in time but the more you injur it the longer it takes. You can run through a muscle pain but running through tenton pain makes it worse.

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