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Why does my eyeball hurt

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Conjunctivitis is one of the most common eye problems. Also, sometimes eye pain is actually headache or sinus pain. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-my-eyeball-hurt ]
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Why does my eyeball hurt?
HS II. It's a pretty common disease. It's sexually transmitted, so just consult your doctor and the amputation should cure it.
Why does my left eye hurt?
Don't mess with your eyes. Go see a doctor as soon as possible. It can be anything from pink eye, sty, bacterial infection, and even a cyst on your eyeball. Get off the internet and go to a doctor!
What would cause my eyeball to hurt when...?
It could be eye strain. Which is normally cause from straring at something for a long time such as a computer, tv, and video games. Stuff like that can make it hurt to look up right left or down. i find it hurts more looking up. but i am no...

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Why does my eyeball hurt so much?
Q: This just started but my right eye is hurting a lot. I've had bronchitis and maybe whooping cough but that's undiagnosed. It's sort of a blunt pain.
A: .. depending what type of pain it might be..could be stress or you need glasses (if you don't use them).. astigmatism? .. your eyes muscles might be sore of the effort everytime you try to focus or something
Why does my eyeball hurt?
Q: My left eyeball hurts all of a sudden today. Like the inside of it (not as if I've been staring at bright lights or anything). It's especially when I like turn my head. Any ideas?
A: no lie you strained an eye muscle you looked in one direction too quick or too early in the morning
Why does my left eyeball hurt?
Q: Its my left eyeball, at the top in the middle.Its started today, but quite painful, when its at its worse. Its hurt all day, but only on and off.I know this is a bit strange...but when I get the pain, when i push against my eyeball, it makes the pain alot less.I have felt a bit stressed recently, (college work, is due in, so all of the class im in is stressed.)From Tuesday, I have been on the computer all day, except today. I have also been on the laptop most days in the evening, or if not, watching tv. I have felt quite tired all of this week...I am a person who tends to be tired most the time, so I would describe myself as being extremerly tired this week to the normal person.Thanks in advance.I know that I do need glasses, but not because im short or long sighted.Its quite hard to explain. Its something along the lines of, that I have prism sight? (if that makes sense...)I'll try and explain. The opticians told me, (this is what I understood from it), that I can look straight infront of me, however, its more work for my eyes. They tend to look outwards then I have to focus them to look straight. A bit like a lazy eye.
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