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Why does my cheek hurt

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You will have to provide me with more detailed information about your cheek hurting for assistance. ChaCha back! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-my-cheek-hurt ]
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Why does my cheek bone hurt?
thats totally freaking weird! my cheek started hurting sunday in the afternoon, left side. i couldnt eat, i still cant eat, it hurts like heck! its a lil bit swollen
Do cheek piercings hurt?
my friend got a monroe piercing and she said it didnt hurt THAT bad, but it sucked b/c you have to stay COMPLETELY still when they get the needle & jewelry through until they get the back of the piercing on. and if you dont hold still a...
Does getting your cheek pierced hurt?
Yes it hurts and makes a gruesome noise going in. All you have to do is decide you want it done and go do it. No hesitation. It's a cute piercing on the right people. Good luck.

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Why does the inside of my cheek hurt?
Q: It happens every now and again, but the inside of my cheek will hurt on the left side. I dont ever remember biting it, or chewing on it, anything like that. I cant see any markings or anything when I look at it. But my left cheek at times is real sensitive and painful to movement, and stretching when I chew.. any ideas?
A: Go see the doctor.
Why does my cheek hurt after I bite?
Q: I am just growing in my wisdom teeth. The lower left tooth is half-way in, and recently, whenever I bite or chew something, that tooth pinches my cheek and hurts it very bad. How can I stop this? Should I have this checked by a dentist? Has any body else had this before? Any advice? Suggestions?Oh and P.S: my mom had to have TONS of teeth removed because her mouth wasn't big enough, they pulled out lots of teeth, n\including all four wisdom teeth. Would I take after my mother?
A: See your dentist, you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed. It's a pretty standard procedure.Oh, after you bite your cheek, that area will swell, causing you to bite it even more. Just be careful when you chew until you get them out.
Why does my left butt cheek hurt?
Q: I didn't work out today and I've got like this deep muscle crampy type pain. It kind of feels like I got punched really hard which didn't happen either. I don't think I'm dehydrated as that's the first thing I thought of and I drink a ton of water. Please this is a serious question.
A: It could be a trigger point.Try pressing hard on it for about 3-5 seconds, let go , if tolerated repeat 3-4 times. If it provides relief its probably a trigger point, if not its probably a pulled muscle or nerve.If it continues try a pain patch that you can get from the store. You could also try a rice bag.

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