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Why does my bladder hurt

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Here are some causes of Bladder pain: Bladder Cancer, Cystitis, Interstitial cystitis, Torulopsis, Urethral stricture. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-my-bladder-hurt ]
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Why does my bladder hurt?
if its your bladder it could be a urinary tract infection. the pain from that can also travel up your sides. try drinking a lot of cranberry juice and if that doesn't do the trick you're going to have to get antibiotic from a doctor because...
Whenever I drink lemon juice with salt my bladder starts to hurt....?
probaly, because both of those are kind of intense on your system, but why are you drinking lemon juice with that much salt?
Does hydrodistention of the bladder hurt?
I am having this hydrodistention of the bladder done next week, and I am not sure if it hurts or not. The doctor told me that i will be given mild sedation, with a local anesthetic. All he would say was that it was uncomfortable. Like he kn...

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why does my bladder hurt every time i cough?
Q: everytime i cough my bladder hurts . why ?
A: Ask not the crazies of y/a........but your family doctor...lol
Why does my bladder hurt?
Q: Why does my bladder hurt. It never hurts to urinate but sometimes I feel like I have to push the urine out and I always have the urge to pee, even right after I go. I've had two UTI's this year and just got through taking Macrobid for one that I didn't even know I had.
A: Sorry to rain on your parade but it sounds like you have another UTI, probably cystitis. If you are having persistant UTIs, take a visit to your GP and in the meantime, drink plenty of water to help flush everything out.I've always found that a good remedy is to put a couple of spoonfuls of bicarb. of soda in a glass of water and drink it. It's revolting but effective if it's a mild case.
Why does my bladder hurt SOO damn bad after the bathroom?
Q: Feels like I'm in labor already even though my bladder wasn't even full. It lasts for 30 min and then slowly disappears. Can't even get up then cause of the pain. Btw, I am 40 weeks pregnant now, but had this going on for some weeks. My doctor says all is fine. So how come?I said BLADDER, lol, not constipated!Also no infection, had it checked once a week. I do hope she's waiting to come out real soon.
A: Has he checked you for a bladder infection? Maybe that is why. Otherwise its probably that baby sitting on your bladder waiting to come out. But ask your doctor to check you for a bladder infection.

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