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Why does it feel like I have to pee but nothing comes out

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Urinary tract infections cause the sensation of not being able to urinate easily or completely (or feeling that you have to; MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-it-feel-like-i-have-to-pee-but-nothing-comes-out ]
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Am i dehydrated...I feel like i have to pee but nothing comes out...?
Sounds like a bladder or kidney infection. If its burning when you do actually pee them it definitely is. You didn't say anything about actually peeing so I hope you are and are not in retention. If you havent used the bathroom and are cons...

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HELP I feel like I have to pee but nothing comes out, when I wipe there's blood.?
Q: For a couple weeks I have the urge to pee but little to nothing comes out. Sometimes there's even blood when I wipe, I really don't mean to be graphic but I need to know what seems to be wrong. There's no burning, no itching or anything else. What does this sound like?It's not my period
A: could be a couple of things. Urinary tract infection kidney stones or some other blockage go and see a doc asap
Why do i feel a lot of pressure from my bladder after sex n also a frequent urge to pee but nothing comes out?
Q: i kno this is a lil TMI but i need to know. after sex my bladder started to feel funny. to b more exact, its as tho my clit area has alot of pressure in it. its quite uncomfortable. and i get a strong urge to urine but a small drop will come out...repeatedly. wat is this or should i do? is a bladder infection or is it jus my body doing its natural thing by making me urine to cleanse the vagina of any bacteria that could've came in?
A: Honestly, you were about to come but didn't quite release. It'll go away. Now you may have came during sex, and you were just getting ready to come again.Use to happen to me all the time until i figured it out.
I feel like I have to Pee really badly but then nothing comes out?
Q: I am 34 weeks and have this sudden urge to pee. So I run to the bathroom and nothing is coming out! It's so annoying and it happens a few times a day? What could be causing this besides a UTI..since I tested negative for it.
A: Maybe its just the baby kicking on your bladder or something.

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