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Why do you sleep alot When your sick

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The body works very hard to catch and fight off an infection. This can be draining, making you feel tired. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-sleep-alot-when-your-sick ]
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When a puppy sleeps alot and his nose is warm does that mean he i...?
When was he last wormed? Pups need regular worming, is he your only dog? what happens when you try to play with him? as a pup he should have lots of energy and be playful, his nose should be cold and wet - get him checked out, but if not...
Is my kitten sick ? She is throwing up and dosent eat and sleeps ...?
She is sick. She has the kinda sickness that kills little kitties if they don't SEE A VET. Preferably very soon.
Why do you sleep a lot when your sick?
B/c your body is putting a whole lot of energy into fighting off the infection and so other functions become less active... hence you don't feel like eating or really doing much of anything.

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My 2 month kitten breath fast (45 times a minute and sleep alot). When awake he is very active. is he sick?
Q: 45 time while sleeping.
A: I doubt he is sick. It is normal for smaller animals to have a higher respiration rate. Cats sleep a lot any way. Since he is very active and playful he is probably fine. Take him to a vet if you are worried.
my cat is really sick. He moves really slow when he walks, he only eats a little bit, and he sleeps alot?
Q: He moves really slow when he walks, he only eats alittle bit at a time. He looks really sad. He sleeps alot and dont wanna do anything at all. What can i do to help him? Whats wrong with him?
i think my wife is sick she sleep alot eat funny foods crys and have this white clear stuff everytime she wipe?
Q: i think she pregnant
A: You're there when she wipes? That's.... good. That kind of dedication comes in handy when your going to be a daddy.

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