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Why do you get headaches after crying

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The tissue in your sinuses swell after intense crying and thus you get a headache resembling a sinus headache. Don't cry Be happy [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-get-headaches-after-crying ]
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Why do i get headaches after sex?
Headache. A headache is pain or discomfort in the head, scalp, or neck. Serious causes of headaches are extremely rare.
Why do I get headaches after crying?
When I cry a lot I get stuffed up. I think the headache you might experience is simmilar to a sinus headache. For some reason I think the tissue in your sinuses swell when you have a good cry.
Why do we get Headaches after crying?
Probably a sinus headache - your sinuses fill up and swell when you cry.

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Is there a scienitfic reason why a person gets a headache after crying?
Q: I sometimes get massive headaches after crying and broken blood vassels on my face,my head feels swollen.......What is causing these headaches from crying,what could crying really do if anything?
A: crying actually does a ton to your system. Since everything up there is connected (ear, nose, throat, etc) when you cry, you open up ducts and allow for pooling of fluids, which can break blood vessels and cause tons of swelling, even for hours after you've cried, because everything is still open. the headaches can be attributed to the swelling, or even to the job you just did on your sinuses by having a good cry. ...aside from headaches, swelling, etc, crying actually takes a ton of energy, especially if its a nice long fit hehe. This is why sometimes after crying you just want to lay down and take a nap.
Why do I get headaches after I cry every time?
Q: I always wondered about this. I dont cry often but when I do I end up getting headaches after. My question is why does that happen?
A: Because positive toxins are sending to your nerves and it's putting pressure on your brain. Also when you cry you tend to get worked up and your face brightens this means that the blood flow isn't traveling at the constant rate it normally flows at so that also puts pressure on your brain.
why do you get a headache after crying?
Q: crying is a good catharsis but i find i always have a headache after and a puffy face ;(why does this happen? how can i prevent or help it afterwards?
A: The main reason you get a headache after crying is a result of a couple of things. First is simply a lack of oxygen. When crying you don't tend to take very deep breathes which quickly deprives you of oxygen. Secondly, you also get a headache because crying triggers responses in your sinuses. Either, 1. your sinuses will drain as a result of crying, or 2. and the mostly likely, your sinuses will become clogged as you cry, drain a little, and then dry up. Little can be done about this except for headache medication or sinus medication....or simply just time.You're eyes getting puffy is a result of the saline in your tears and rubbing your eyes. Ice will take care of that. P.S. I used this question for my podcast, Handy Answers. If you would like to hear it on air, look for it on Tuesday at handyanswers.net or look on itunes for Handy Answers.

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