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Why do you get blisters

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Blisters form on hands and feet from rubbing and pressure, such as having a new pair of shoes rub your foot the wrong way. Thanks. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-get-blisters ]
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Why do you get blisters when...?
it's because you're skin is rubbing against the metal on the bar with a lot or pressure (because you're trying to keep your body up on the monkey bars). so what your skins does to try and protect itself is to make a pocket of water between ...
How to Get rid of blisters
・ 1 Apply rubbing alcohol on cotton ball or clean tissue and clean blister and area surrounding it. ・ 2 Open pre-packaged syringe and gently insert needle sideways into the blister. Make 3 - 4 holes and... ・ 3 Once the you have withdrawn en...
Why do we get Blisters?
Blisters are an automatic response the body uses to protect an area of skin that is under attack from abrasion, heat, or chemicals. The blister is designed to offer a layer of protection to the impacted area.

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Why do I get blisters on my hands after I rub my nose?
Q: I get small blisters that itch and hurt on my hands after I rub my nose. I have allergies so my nose always itches and I rub my nose to make the itch go away. The blisters are only on the spots that rub my nose. Why does it happen? Am I allergic to my nose?
A: it sounds like you have a chronic subacute staph infection in your nose, and evey time you rub it the bacteria grow on your hand and cause small blisters. there's a good chance your allergies are not allergies but actually staph made worse by allergens (eg pollen).firstly, don't rub your nose with your hand. use a tissue or sleeve if you have to. then if you do use your hand, wash them right afterwards.as for the staph, a doctor would say antibiotics, but there's no proof that it stops the bacteria permanently. i rekon a steam inhalation with essential oils- a bowl of boiling hot water, a few drops of essential oil and a towel over your head for 20 mins or so once or twice a day. only a couple of drops of oil- they are very strong! best ones to use in this case would be tea tree, eucalyptus, cedarwood, rosemary. oh, make sure you breathe through your nose while doing the steam bath, otherwise you defeat the purpose.another thing that helps is cutting our sugar in your diet. this includes soft drinks, fruit juices, sweets, etc. the bacteria love sugar, and sugar also dulls the immune system surveillance.good luck with it.
Why Do I Keep Getting Blisters On My Fingers When I Drum?
Q: Everytime I go to drum I obtain new/more severe blisters on my left thumb and right index finger. It's very frustrating and it hurts.I want to know why I keep getting them and if it will ever stop? My brother said I haven't developed calluses yet and that I should keep drumming and getting blisters because that helps them form faster?
A: You're just holding the drum sticks too tight! Nothing to worry about, it used to happen to me all the time. Once you relax your grip (which will also improve your playing) or when your fingers become used to getting calluses, the problem will vanish completely :)
I get these blisters underneath my bellybutton ring and above it. Why do they appear?
Q: I have had my belly ring for two years, so I thought that it was weird that they were showing up. The blisters are on and off, but they are nothing serious. I was just wondering if anyone knew why they were there?
A: is your bar too tight? might be rubbing

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