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Why do you get a hangover from drinking alcohol

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Several things cause hangovers: Direct effects of alcohol (dehydration, gastrointestinal distress, sleep disturbances) MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-get-a-hangover-from-drinking-alcohol ]
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Why do you get a hangover after drinking too much alcohol??
Like people said it's mostly from dehydration. Also, alcohol sucks potassium from your body. As with dehydration major signs of low potassium are a headache, fatigue and a general feeling of sickness . Some experts think that "hangover...
Why do we get a hangover after we drink alcohol??
Dehydration Alcohol is a diuretic, that is...a drug that increases urination and flushes fluids from the body. Drinking coffee 'the morning after' only increases this problem as coffee is also a diuretic. Mild poisons in the drink Complex o...
How to Prevent a Hangover When Drinking Alcohol
・ 1 If you plan on going out on the town with friends etc., drinking and partying. Make sure you get plenty... ・ 2 Make sure you eat a nice size meal a couple hours before you go out partying. Food in your stomach... ・ 3 Drink plenty of wat...

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Why do you get a hangover after drinking too much alcohol?
Q: What‘s the science behind it?
A: Alcohol is actually a poison to your system. The hangover is the toxicity of the alcohol in your body.
Can drinking water and eating bread before,during, or after drinking alcohol stop a hangover from occuring?
A: nope...excess alcohol consumption interferes with the krebs cycle, this is why hangovers occur.
Why am I getting sick from drinking alcohol?
Q: I am a 21-year-old female and to be honest, I have been drinking since I was in high school. There was a point (about 3 months) when I was 17 that I was drinking heavily (that is, 2-3 nights a week getting completely drunk.) When I started college my drinking cut back considerably and I would say, in the past three years, my drinking averages out to something like getting really drunk every two months and then having one or two drinks, one or two nights a month. That's my history. The problem is, ever since I began drinking, I never got hangovers. This past November (11/05) I got really drunk and vomited the entire next day. Granted I was really drunk and just figured thats why I got so sick. I didn't drink for a couple months and then got really drunk again. Again I spent the next day in the toilet. Since then I have drank twice, in small amounts. The last time I had 1 beer and 2 margaritas and I vomited once that night. Why am I getting sick all of a sudden from a small amount?Some of my friends say it's the sweet and sour mix in the margaritas and tom collins I drank. I just think I get abnormally sick from such a small amount of alcohol. Especially since I use to never get sick.
A: a lot of people are allergic to alcohol. you also have to remember alcohol is toxic to the body. if you build more than your system can process you start getting toxins building up in your system. as usual, best advice is see your doctor.

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