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Why do people bite their lips

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There are several reasons, like if your nervous, or if your lips are chapped, or even if you like the taste of blood, ect. More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-bite-their-lips ]
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It is believed that most people bite their lips out of being nervous. It is very normal for lip-biting to become a habit. From, Kendall Sellinger, age 11
people bite their lip when their nervous probly or scared or worried. its like a way i guess to hold in your emtions so you dont let them out through your mouth. if ya wanna think of it like that. lol
Because of bears.

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Why do people bite their lips while they are sleeping?
Q: The past few days I have woken up with a bloody lip. Can someone explain why?
A: Tara.This usually happens when people grind their teeth during the night. It is mainly caused from stress in peoples lives. You will grind your teeth and move your lips around without even knowing it and accidentally bite yourself. Or grind yourself.BTW. GO WILD!!!!
Why do white people bite their lips when they see me?
A: Maybe they're scared of Ninja's.
why do girls bite their lips?
Q: why do girls bite their lips whe they see me .? what is that means? Are they inviting me for something ?
A: when i'm kising a boy and we pull back for a breather and to look at each other i nibble at my bottom lip cos i'm turned on and happy and very overwhelmed...but i also do it when i'm thinking a lot, really sad, stressed or nervous... lots of girls do it for different reasons, but if it's one particular girl then ask her out or something... who knows, you might just get lucky!!!

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