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Why do old people shake

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In Parkinson's disease, nerve cells to fire wildly, leaving patients unable to control their movements. Symptoms of. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-old-people-shake ]
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Why do old people have the shakes?
Unless it is due to a side effect of a medication or detoxification from drugs or alcohol, elderly people can have the "shakes" due to tardive dyskinesia (from taking psychiatric medications) or Parkinson's disease. Elderly people...
Why do the hands of old people shake?
it could be from any of a few things it is indeed nervous system deteriorating; this could be even worse with MS or Parkinson's

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Why do the hands of old people shake?
Q: I'm talking about the slight shaking/tremor that you can observe in the hands of older people (e.g. over 70). Is it a result of muscle wasting or is it the body's nervous system deteriorating with age ? What is the medical name of this persistant shaking of the hand in old people?
A: it could be from any of a few thingsit is indeed nervous system deteriorating; this could be even worse with MS or Parkinson's
Why does my 2 year old shake when startled?
Q: My daughter is a healthy, and smart two year old, and does and acts just like any other toddler, however when she first wakes up, or when she is nervous, or startled she shakes for a short period (could be a couple seconds to around 30 seconds, never last minutes). Why is this? And is it normal? It doesnt seem to affect her at all, and has done it since she was around one. I asked the doctor about it and they just told me to keep a journal of my suroundings and whats going on when it happens. They say it could just be anxiety is my dr. right? should i be worried?
A: The Dr is right.. You Must keep a record of everybody around the child at all times.. Plus make note of the shaking. It may be after a certain person has been with the child or after something happens that upsets the child. Being only two is very hard to live through. Some doctors say that by the age of two the babys have used all the birth minerals and need to be eating a well balanced diet and taking a baby vitamen/mineral supplement. It could be that. or she could be afraid of something that is happening without your knowing it. I had a perfectly healthy daughter that had some problems of being startled.. After peeking at her all the time to see what or who was around her.. I found that a much older step brother was scaring her with lit matches that he thrust at her face. Of course he denied it and of course I saw him.. so when his father didn't do anything about it, I left him and took my daughter to a much happier life. She got over her fright but doesn't forget his scaring her. Sometimes its hard to do the right thing. Keep a close eye on the baby and good luck!
Why does old people shake?
Q: i mean my aunt and my uncle r here and when they lift the spoon the hand and the spoon starting to and i was omg y do old people shake?!
A: Not all old people. Those who shake may be neglecting proper exercise, which would keep their hands more steady. Probably the most wide spread cause of the shakes is the deterioration of the fatty sheath around nerve fibers, which is influenced by genetics. Fight this with Lecithin and Vit. E, as well as exercise.

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