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Why do my testicals hurt

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It could be any number of things. Maybe you have an injury or a hernia. If it's really bothering you, see a doctor. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-my-testicals-hurt ]
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Why do my testicles hurt?
It could be puberty. It could also be if you have over exerted yourself physically, this can cause them to become sore. Also it could be something serious like Testicular Cancer or Testicular torsion. If it is testicular torsion it will p...
How do i remove my testicals my self with out it hurting i .?
XXXXXXXXXX, No- this method would not work at all and would be extremely dangerous to try. Doing something like this could result in infection, gangrene, etc etc The only method that would work is seeing your doctor for an evaluation, and f...
My Penis and testicals hurt. Why and what to do!?
I've heard about things like this happening all the time. The best thing to do is to chop them off with a hacksaw.

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Why do my testicals hurt after I have sex?
Q: I slept with a girl and I kind of fooled around and humped her alot and had somewhat sex. The next morning, my testicals hurt! Why is that? Is that normal for my lower abdomin and part of my balls on the penis to hurt?!!! Its not a sign of a disease, is it?
A: maybe you are banging to hard
Why do my testicals hurt sometimes?
Q: im 18 and my testicals hurt sometimes but it only happens like once in a while not every day can someone give me an answer? it feels like it dosnt hurt to much when it does happen only a little.
A: That happens to me sometimes too I'm 17, I'm always scared that there is something wrong with me.Glad you asked this.
When you get hit in the testicals, why does your stomach hurt?
Q: Is it something to do with nerves or what?
A: It's called referred or reflective pain. There's actually no definitive answer regarding the mechanism behind it all. Here's a classic example for something that's fairly common like referred pain associated with chest pain. There are several proposed mechanisms for referred pain. Currently there is no definitive consensus regarding which theory may be correct. The cardiac general visceral sensory pain fibers follow the sympathetics back to the spinal cord and have their cell bodies located in thoracic dorsal root ganglia 1-4(5). As a general rule, in the thorax and abdomen, GVA pain fibers follow sympathetic fibers back to the same spinal cord segments that gave rise to the preganglionic sympathetic fibers. The central nervous system (CNS) perceives pain from the heart as coming from the somatic portion of the body supplied by the thoracic spinal cord segments 1-4(5). Also, the dermatomes of this region of the body wall and upper limb have their neuronal cell bodies in the same dorsal root ganglia (T1-5) and synapse in the same second order neurons in the spinal cord segments (T1-5) as the general visceral sensory fibers from the heart. The CNS does not clearly discern whether the pain is coming from the body wall or from the viscera, but it perceives the pain as coming from somewhere on the body wall, ie substernal pain, left arm/hand pain, jaw pain.

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