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Why do I keep getting headaches everyday

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You may be dehydrated, so drink more water to ward off your daily headaches. Cha Cha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-keep-getting-headaches-everyday ]
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Why do I keep getting headaches everyday?
You should get it checked out by a doctor, but on a personal experience I do get headaches a lot and I found out that when I drink a cup of coffee it goes away.
Why do i get headaches everyday?
Drink descent amount of water and avoid caffeine.
Is is normal to keep getting headaches and a sore stomach everyda...?
Early pregnancy is a difficult time and the hormonal changes cause a variety of symptoms in everyone. Your headaches can be treated with paracetemol which is safe to take during pregnancy. The aches in your stomach could be due to your liga...

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why do i keep getting headaches everyday?
Q: i have had headaches everyday for the past 2 months and i dont know what it could be. I get them around morning and again through the day, now and again i get sharp shooting pains too but that is rare. I'am not in unbareable pain it only hurts a little. Does anyone know what it could be??? please help
A: stop thinking about your headache and dont take too much tension
Keep getting headaches everyday, why?
Q: For the past couple of days I keep getting headaches and I don't know why...I drink a bottle of water everyday and other drinks, I'm not stressed, I don't have bad posture, so I don't know what it could be..I do have glasses...I've had them for like 1-2 weeks and I didn't wear them for a while cause I kept forgetting to so my Mom thought that was why I was getting headaches but I've been wearing them and I still have headaches like I am wearing them right now too..It could be from not enough sleep...because also lately since the long weekend I was staying up late so when I had to sleep early because I had school the next day I got used to sleeping late so I was just lying there until like 12AM until I finally fell alseep and then I wake up at 6:30AM so maybe I'm not getting enough sleep?What should I do? Yesterday I took a 2 hour nap and had an Advil but today once again I have a headache..what do you think and/or suggest I do??
A: Don't want to get personal but are you constipated - that causes headaches.Go the doctor, the headaches might not be really bad but if they wont go away it might be a sign of something else. Get the Doc to check your glasses prescription, it could be wrong - these things happen sometimes.
Why Do i keep getting bad Headaches everyday?
Q: I have been depressed for 8 mths and over the past 2 weeks i have been getting bad headaches.I have been to the doctors and he didnt really give me a dignose. i drink plety of water and have a health lifestyle.any advice please
A: A symptom of depression is headaches. I was like this when I was in 9th grade. If the headaches hurt toward the forehead it could be migranes. You can mix cinnamon in water and put it on your temples or forehead. Some websites for home remedies.

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