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Why do I have the runs

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Acute diarrhea is usually related to a bacterial, viral, or parasitic infection. Chronic diarrhea is usually related to MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-have-the-runs ]
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To be real, running is just to feel better,look sexy, it boosts energy and relieves stress, dont't we all need that? A lot of people make running more complicated than it is, have fun with it, it makes you free. Answer People can get addic...
Hmm...・ 1. To get in top shape. ・ 2. So I can eat whatever I want (haha) because of the calories running burns ・ 3. It is stress relieving for me. ・ 4. When I don't run, I feel like I gained weight... I just feel in good shape, healthy whe...
Shortly after Katie's surgery, in early October 1999, my son (who is a family practice physician) called me with the results of her pathology report. "The news is very bad," he said. When he told me what she had, I had to ask him ...

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I have a 1997 mercury tracer that the radiator fan runs a long time after shutting it off?
Q: the ccrm has been replaced as well
A: The fan will run until the engine cools. If the car isn't overheating, then it's okay.
Why do people say politicians are "running the country"?
Q: They aren't "running" the country. They aren't "running" anything. An engineer on a train might be "running" the engine, or a person in an excavator digging a hole may be "running" the excavator. But they are not "running" this country.If anything, politicians just hang around in Washington just finding ways to stop Americans from enjoying their lives or doing their jobs. Everything government does imposes limits on people. That's not "running." That's STOPPING the country.
A: They are running the government, bankrupting us all without our approval. Government for the People is no longer accurate in the US, it is government out for itself.
why do my sides always hurt when i have fast movement?
Q: since yesterday. its unusual to have aching sides (for me that is) i ran 2 laps (half a mile for me)and also right now. it still hurts. when i walk or anything my sides hurt.any thing wrong? =P
A: I would be asking your doctor

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