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Why do i get headaches Behind my eyes

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Ocular disorders can cause headaches behind your eyes, from eyestrain, to glaucoma and inflammatory conditions of the eye. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-get-headaches-behind-my-eyes ]
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When on a plane, does anyone ever get a blinding headache just be...?
It's sinus pressure. The pressure in the plane adjusts and the slightest imbalance in your sinuses will manifest itself as pain behind or under the eyes, sides of the nose and temples or ears. It's temporary and won't hurt you but it is pre...
Does anyone get pain and pressure behind their eyes that is accom...?
it helped me a great deal. If i had a headache, it helped relieve it. You can order one from CVS if you don't have one near by. They are only about $15 in the store. I use the the sinucleanse packets that have the salt (not table salt) and ...

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Anyone know what could cause these episodes of headaches behind my eyes?
Q: Every other week or so I have these spells of dull headaches behind my eyes,my eyelids get puffy, and an overall feeling of sickness washes over me(nausea,etc.). Sometimes it lasts for a few days and then other times only a day. Anyone have any ideas of what this might be?(I am not pregnant I have an iud) I just want to hear opinions before I go get the run around from my Dr.
A: Tension headahces or a migraine? I suggested regardless you go to the doctor. They will be able to tell you better, but what they did for me was prescribed me something to prevent the headaches and something to take when I get themI recently started to get these headaches, out of no where. They were painful (but more of a throbbing, not a constant pain) and really bothered me behind my eyes. I didn't get the nausea, that is why they diagnosed me with tension headaches, instead of a migraine. Since you are getting ill feeling, it is probably a migraine, does the light bother you as well?
after cataract surgery, do you get headaches behind your eyes instead of in the?
Q: back of the neck or top of the head? I mean like pressing at the temples to stop the headache no longer works. ... And, in cold weather do your eyes hurt? And do you find that you have to end your day earlier because your eyes hurt?
A: I had cataract surgery on both eyes about 8 years ago. Now that you mention it, I do get headaches that seem to start behind my eyes and spreads out to the temples. Cold air does hurt my eyes and I especially notice it if the wind is blowing. To top it off, they didn't get the right rx. for the lenses and I still must wear glasses. Find the only thing that helps is to close them for at least 15 minutes.
headaches. behind eyes/eyebrows?
Q: recently i've been having headaches, which are very rare for me. but now they are constintly there- all day.the presure is behind my eyes and between my eyebrows.why am i getting these now?how do i stop them without taking any over the counter medicin?i dont wear glasses.i have perfect vision
A: It could be sinus headaches. The sinus cavities are much larger than we think, and they go up beyond our eyebrows. You could try to massage your sinuses, try taking a steam, or a warm compress on the area.

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