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Why do i feel a fluttering in my ear sometimes

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The fluttering you hear in your ear may simply be wax in your ear that needs to be taken out. They sell kits for flushing out your ear. Never use a qtip for this as it may push the wax in farther. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-feel-a-fluttering-in-my-ear-sometimes ]
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What is the fluttering feeling in my ear?
If it's been three months and it hasn't gone away on its own, it isn't going to. You've got myoclonus, which is the contraction of a muscle in the inner ear, and can accompany one of a number of problems. Go to your physicial or your loca...

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I have been having this wierd feeling in my ear its like a fluttering.?
Q: Its not a heartbeat its like a fluttering probaly been happening for a month or two now. It happens on a off sometimes it doese it alot one day then stops for a few days sometimes it does it often. I think if was a brain tumor or anything i would be dizzy and have headaches and stuff.
A: I have had that fluttering before it is like something is crawling or moving inside you ears. have you been showering or recently showering?. Water can get into the ears and do that, and at times it can be sinuses. That's right sinuses messes with ears and sometimes your teeth and gums. It is the most strange feeling in the world. I just went to the local drug store and got ear drops to make sure ear didn't have wax build up or sweet oil. is very good in the ear. I honestly dont think you have anything serious. A lot of people getting that ringing in their ears and I hear it is as equally annoying.. dont worry...
What's Wrong With My Ear?
Q: I am trying to get some direction as to what is causing my Grandmother a lot of trouble. She has been to the doctor and she has taken amocycillon and augmentin as well as ear drops. Nothing has seemed to help. She has an earache on the left side. Every morning when she wakes up she feels as if she is going to choke to death unless she coughs. When she coughs it is thick and clear. In addition, sometimes it feels as if a butterfly is fluttering in her left ear. Along with the ear pain is a headache, on the same side, and the side of her throat feels swollen. When she blows her nose, she says the side of her throat feels like it is gurgling and then she has to cough again. Her cough is wet. If she shakes her head sometimes she feels dizzy and occasionally she loses her balance slightly on her left side. It is worse in the morning. The fluttering in her ear started when she first took eardrops. The left back of her neck hurts too and (although unrelated but possibly relevant) her eyes water. They always have watered however. Any idea of what it could be?
A: i agree with sokki(sorry if i mispelled her name) it must be an ear infection but i recomend you go see a doctor who specializes in those things. let her drink a lot of fluid and suggest antibiotics. good luck to you and your grandmother,
dizzy short of breathe chest fluttering?
Q: i am extremely dizzy constantly.. sometimes i feel short of breathe and i am very aware of chest fluttering.. been to doctors and its not ear related or heart related what could this be
A: maybe anxiety?

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