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Why do girls bleed once month

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How come teen girls get mad because they bleed every month??
It's not the bleeding that makes us mad. I can totally deal with that. We have a little thing called PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome) Mood swings are a symptom of PMS, its the hormone changes in our body each month that make us like that. Perio...
Is it normal for a 2 month old baby girl to bleed from her viagin...?
NO! It is not normal, not at all! Normally newborn girls have some discharge and slight bleeding for the 1st week after birth. Considering your baby is 2 months old, no it is not normal for her to have bleeding and you should get her to the...

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If girls bleed vaginally once a month won't they eventually die from excessive blood loss?
Q: awkward question from my cousin and he wants an auctual answer =/
A: No because your body makes the blood that comes out every month especially. Its not like coming from the rest of your body, its meant to come out once a month so you make that blood.
Do girls really have periods?
Q: Ok...I know this is probably a really stupid questions...but heres the deal: I know that this sounds retarted, but there is a small part of me that believes that all of the health teachers all held a conference one day and said "hmm....what can we do to stop these teenagers from having sex?" And then one health teacher stood up and exclaimed, "I know! Let's start a rumor that girls bleed once a month! We will call it a period! Spreading a rumor like this would surely stop those kids from having sex!" I know its a crazy theory, but I think I might be onto something. What do you think? Maybe while they were at it, they invented a myth for STD's too for the same reason. Am I right?
A: First, I want to congratulate you! criticism and doubting the all mighty power of the machine is a very rare gift now a day!While yes woman bleed for about a week every month but that doesn't have to stop you from having sex, IF the woman agrees to of course.. With time and getting older you can even get used to the taste.STDs are sadly very real and very out there just waiting for you to not care about you putting on a condom. Some will hurt you some will kill you. Some will scar you for life, other will turn your penis into a cauliflower...And never ever give up on asking "stupid" questions! That is what will set you apart from the rest of the brain dead tv zombies over consuming mass.May Chomsky be with you!
How many girls have had bleeding while pregnant?
Q: How many girls have been pregnant but still had period like bleeding once a month?? And for how long??
A: A co-worker of mine had a "period" her whole pregnancy. Some women experience some bleeding while others have their period completely stop. If you think you are pregnant, then take a test or go in and get the doctor to perform a blood test. This is the only way of knowing.

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