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Why do butts stink

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The bacteria inside of the feces is what makes them smell so bad. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-butts-stink ]
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Why does poop stink?
Level of Feces 3 thumbs up The Level of Feces refers to the rating of human feces, similar to a category of a hurricane. It is also known as "Level of Poop," "The Stair of ****," and "Crap Rating." It is usua...
Whose butts stink worse a guy or girl's?
I don't know of anybody who would be interested in doing that survey do you?
Do they make stinky monkey butt shampoo for the extra stinky monk...?
well, any monkeys who let their butts get super stinky wouldn't be interested in shampoo... so i can't imagine there is a large market for that product.

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why does your butt stink even when you wash it good?
Q: lol This might sound like a dumb simple question But I always wondered that why does butts stink even when you wash them good? just was wondering thanks.
A: because its the inside that smells
Why Does my cats butt stink?
Q: She will clean other cats butts, but not her own, so i know she knows how to clean them. Why won't she clean her own. If i can smell it, she can smell it!
A: i have a cat like this...you just need to clean her butt for her a couple of times with a warm washcloth and this will promote her to do it herself because trust me she wont enjoy you to do it....
Why does my butt stink really really bad?
Q: I am very conscious of washing and showering daily and all that stuff, so it isn't anything that i'm neglecting. But for some reason it has a funk, and I also sweat a lot. Like, my crack is soaked sometimes and it's not like i'm running a marathon. What can I do to stop this? Also, I don't want to put a ton of powder down there and make my private areas look like an infant when i'm with a lady.
A: I know this is a hard question to ask, but you must ask your doctor. It could be something simple. Most people, who bath daily, do not have this problem. How do you wipe, it could matter, that is why you should ask your doctor. Good luck to you, I think you can find an answer to this.

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